WWE 205 Live Results (5/8): Buddy Murphy Takes On Mustafa Ali, Tag Team Action

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Tonight will feature Buddy Murphy facing Mustafa Ali. Also, The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher vs. Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik.

- Preview of tonight's matches as we get started.

- Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinnes, and Percy Watson welcome us to the show.

Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado vs. The Brian Kendrick and Lince Dorado

Before the match gets going, out comes Drew Gulak. He shakes a fan's hand and immediately wipes his hand off on his suit. Gulak heads to commentary and doesn't shake Joseph's hand, ha! He then calls Lince "Dorito." This guy is on fire as Gallagher and Dorado get us started. Rolling pins around and around the ring. Dorado with a plank like pin attempt on Gallagher. Kendrick is in and immediately out to the floor. Metalik with a big flip over the top rope, has a rough landing though.

Action back in the ring, Kendrick with a boot to the head. Gallagher back in now and goes to work on Metalik's limbs for a bit. He brings Kendrick back in and he stomps away at Metalik. He finally is able to tag in Dorado, springboard crossbody, hurricanrana, dropkick, handspring stunner, cover, and it's broken up by Gallagher. Kendrick tags Gallagher back in and hits a running dropkick, sliced bread by Kendrick, cover, and Metalik break it up this time. Stereo super kicks and suicide dives by the lucha house party, Gallagher thrown back in the ring. Dorado with a shooting star press for the win.

Winners: Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik via Pinfall

- Earlier today, on a railroad track, Mustafa Ali hypes his match tonight against Buddy Murphy. He says tonight is about clearing the way, "Move or I'll make you."

- Backstage, Buddy Murphy talks with Tony Nese who wishes him good luck. Dasha Fuentes heads in and asks Murphy about tonight's match. Murphy says he has one blemish on his record in 205 Live and that's his loss to Ali. He says he just hopes the champ is watching.

Tony Nese vs. Keith Clayball

Nese immediately goes to work with chops and kicks that send Clayball right to the mat. He taunts and kicks away at his opponent, puts him in the tree of woe position and kicks him a bit more while doing some crunches. Nese runs over Clayball, trips him from the apron to the floor and hits a running forearm. Action back in the ring, lines him up and hits a running knee for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Tony Nese via Pinfall

- Vignette for Itami as we get a number of people hype him: Triple H, Big E, and Paige. Itami says he didn't like teaming up with Tozawa and didn't think he needed a partner. We see the miscommunication from last week's match when Itami was thrown into the ropes and Tozawa fell off the ropes, causing a loss for the team. Itami shoved him to the mat afterwards.

- Backstage, Drake Maverick talks with Cedric Alexander and wants to make sure Alexander isn't going to get involved in any way with tonight's main event. Alexander reassured him he would hang in the back tonight. Maverick says next week the Cruiserweights will be mixing it up with some of the WWE UK talents.

Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali

Ali landing a couple chops early on, but it seems to just anger Murphy. He tries for a powerbomb, but Ali sends him to the floor, two dropkicks, Ali over the top rope and lands on his feet. Murphy with a running suplex on the floor, ouch. Both in the ring, Murphy tries for a pin, two.

Murphy getting in plenty of offense, tries for a crossbody, but Ali has the same has idea and both collide. Ali with a running chop, rolling facebuster attempt, no, sleeper submissions by both wrestlers. Murphy hits a cannonball into the corner to get Ali off his back.

Multiple forearms by Ali, Murphy with a combo of attacks, ends up on the apron and Ali hits a sick looking DDT, cover, two-count. Murphy gets put up on the top rope, Murphy drops his opponent to the mat and swings his knee right into Ali's face. Murphy with his own amazing DDT, cover, two-count. Alexander looking on from the back. Murphy lands three powerbombs in a row and the referee is checking on Ali.

Murphy tries for another, Ali with a facebuster counter, cover, two. Murphy put up on the top rope, Ali heads up and gets shoved off to the floor! He flips and lands on his feet, Murphy tries to drop down and gets a superkick to the face. Back in the ring, Ali tries for a 450 splash off the top rope, Murphy double knees on Ali's arm, starts to really focus on it. Ali looks for a tornado DDT, gets caught in midair and is sent shoulder first into the ring post. Murphy hits Murphy's Law, 1-2-3. What a match!

Winner: Buddy Murphy via Pinfall


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