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– Recap of the history between former tag team partner Akira Tozawa and Hideo Itami. We see how miscommunication between the two caused them to lose a match. They will face off later tonight.

– Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson preview Buddy Murphy vs. Cedric Alexander. The two will face off for the title on next week’s show.

– Earlier today, Drew Gulak says he’s ready to put down another member of the lucha house party and it doesn’t matter if you can flip or dive, you will tap out.

Drew Gulak vs. Gran Metalik (with Kalisto and Lince Dorado)

Before things get started Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick head out to commentary and give some hand written artwork to each announcer. Kendrick says he wants to be the best tag team in the world. Metalik able to get control early and send Gulak out to the floor, he looks to fly, but Gulak heads back into the ring. Metalik with a kick to the head and a springboard dropkick to his opponent.

Gulak gets Metalik in a tree of woe and stomp away at his face, he then ties up Metalik in the middle of the ring. Kendrick/Gallagher trash the lucha house party members. Gulak gets chopped, charges in on Metalik and ends up on the floor, Metalik immediately hits a high elevation moonsault that takes out Gulak. Gulak tossed back into the ring, Metalik with a springboard splash, cover, two.

Gulak with a big lariat, cover, two. Gulak gets dropped in the corner, Metalik gets up on the top rope on the other side of the ring, walks about halfway across the top rope and hits a dropkick. Multiple pin attempts, all two-counts. Dragon sleeper finally locked in and Metalik has nowhere to go, he eventually taps.

Winner: Drew Gulak via Submission

– Vignette for Buddy Murphy who says nobody trains harder than him. Says next week he’ll become the new cruiserweight champion because you can’t stop the unstoppable.

TJP vs. Christopher Guy

TJP wrestles all over his opponent and takes him down multiple times. Big suplex right into a side suplex. He moves to the apron and lands a float over senton. Guy is able to get in a few bits of offense, but then gets stomped down to the mat. Detonation kick lands and that will do it.

Winner: TJP via Pinfall

– Post-match, Dasha Fuentes asked TJP about the tweet he made about reaching out to Paige to be on SmackDown. TJP says he was the first champion, is the best technical wrestler in the world, and carried the division on his back. TJP continues that if what he just faced is the competition he’s getting, then it’s clear what management thinks of him.

– Earlier today, Vic Joseph interviews Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander and asks how he’s dealing with the pressure of being champion. Alexander says he’s gone through a lot already and it’s just another day in the office. His family and friends will be at the event next week and with them there it helps him even more. Joseph asks about Murphy’s size and how Alexander will deal with that. Alexander reminds him that he had to do the exact same thing when he first got into the division. He wants to exploit Murphy’s weight cutting because it’s definitely draining. Alexander says that he’s well-rounded and will remind Murphy next week that this is the “Age of Alexander.”

– Backstage, Akira Tozawa says he respected Itami, but Itami didn’t respect him and that if Itami didn’t like him as a partner, he really won’t as an opponent.

Hideo Itami vs. Akira Tozawa

Lots of counters early on, commentary playing up how well these two know each other. Back and forth chops, over and over again. Tozawa goes for a chop, stops, and pops Itami with a jab. Tozawa getting the best of Itami, body slam, cover, two. Itami catches Tozawa with a couple kicks, leaps from the second rope and drops his knee down on the back of Tozawa’s neck.

“Respect me!” Itami yells at the crowd. Kick to the back and he sends Tozawa out to the floor. Itami launches Tozawa into the barricade, kick to the chest, sends him into the ring, cover, two. Itami continues with multiple strikes, mocks Tozawa’s “Ah!” chant, and drops Tozawa again. Tozawa finally gets some momentum and sends Itami to the mat, he goes to the top and looks to finish off Itami, but he rolls out to the floor. Tozawa hops to the apron and hits a cannonball to the floor. Missile dropkick in the ring, cover, two.

Itami ends up on the top rope, drapes Tozawa’s head over the top rope, flying clothesline, pin, two. Itami with a roll-up, kick to the head, heads up to the top, but Itami crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Itami goes up and Tozawa swings away on his opponent, Itami with a falcon arrow off the top rope, cover, two. Itami ends up on the floor, Tozawa with a suicide dive, quickly gets him back in the ring, tries for the senton splash, but nobody home! Itami with running dropkicks in the corner, hits his finisher, and that will do it.

Winner: Hideo Itami via Pinfall