WWE Backlash: Daniel Bryan Vs. Big Cass

Big Cass vs. Daniel Bryan

We go to the ring and out comes Daniel Bryan to a big pop. Fans chant "yes!" as Bryan walks down the ramp and greets some at ringside. Bryan does the chant as he poses in the corner. Big Cass is out next.

The bell rings and fans chant for Bryan as Cass backs off and takes it in. Bryan strikes first with a kick to the formerly injured knee. Bryan keeps Cass back but connects with a few more kicks. Bryan ducks another shot and fires back. Cass turns it around and works Bryan around the ring now. Cass charges but Bryan dumps him to the floor over the top. Bryan runs the ropes and sends Cass into the barrier. Bryan with a flying knee from the apron to the floor.

They bring it back into the ring and Bryan nails a big dropkick from the top. Bryan yells out and delivers the "yes!" kicks to Cass now as fans count along. Cass blocks the last kick and drives Bryan down into the mat as some fans boo. Cass stands tall with his fist in the air. Cass with a big chop to the chest and more offense now.

Cass keeps control and overpowers Bryan. Bryan tries to fight back but Cass drops him and delivers a big elbow for another pin attempt. Cass with a modified backbreaker in the middle of the ring now. Bryan gets out and sends Cass into the turnbuckle with a drop toe hold. Bryan with "yes!" kicks in the corner now. Bryan with the corner dropkicks now. Cass catches the third and lifts Bryan high to bring him down into the mat. Cass with a huge clothesline and another 2 count. Cass disrespects Bryan some more and keeps him down. Cass smiles as he raises one arm in the air and drags Bryan with the other. Cass with a clothesline to knock Bryan back down.

Cass turns Bryan inside out with another big clothesline. Cass waits for Bryan to get up. Bryan ducks a big boot and nails a kick. Bryan struggles but finally brings Cass to the mat. Bryan goes for the Yes Lock but Cass is fighting it. Bryan finally gets the hold applied and Cass taps out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

- After the match, fans chant "yes!" as Bryan recovers while his music hits. Bryan leads a chant as we go to replays. Bryan hits the corner to pose but Cass comes from behind and decks him. Fans boo as Cass knocks Bryan out to the floor. Cass follows and tosses Bryan around a few times, slamming him hard on the floor. Fans chant "you tapped out" at Cass as he gets upset. Cass brings Bryan back into the ring as the boos continue. Cass waits for Bryan to get up again, staring him down. Cass floors Bryan with a big boot as he gets up. Cass stands tall over Bryan and raises his fist as the boos continue. We go to replays. Fans chant "asshole" as Cass leaves while the referee checks on Bryan. We get another replay and come back to Cass backing up the ramp with his fist in the air.


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