WWE Backlash Post-Show Recap: The Miz, Carmella, And Elias Join The Show

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of the Backlash Post-Show hosted by Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg on the WWE Network. Guests on tonight's show will be The Miz, Carmella, and Elias. Join us right after WWE Backlash finishes up!

- Young and Rosenberg talks a little bit about the main event with Reigns picking up the win over Samoa Joe. Young mentions how Bryan should have been on, but Cass' post-match attack will keep him off the show.

Elias joins the show.

Elias shows up with his guitar, wanted to finish his song that New Day and others stopped him from playing. Elias says he's good buddies with Bruce Springsteen and doesn't want to be on the show too long because they are going to be hanging out soon. Young brings up Roode, Elias says he's already beaten Roode twice. Young ends up giving Elias his introduction, and he gets a spotlight on him. Elias says he doesn't want any interruptions while he sings! Elias then rips on New Jersey. Elias decides that was enough and heads out.

- Young and Rosenberg talk about all of the lowblows that took place during Styles vs. Nakamura, especially the double kick.

Carmella joins the show.

"I beat Charlotte Flair! I beat Charlotte Flair!" Carmella says it over and over. She then brings up that she's beaten Charlotte twice and calls out the internet trolls for saying she just got lucky the first time. A couple more "I beat Charlotte Flair!" from Carmella. She asks Peter what he did tonight? "Because I beat Charlotte Flair!" Carmella needs a quick drink, does a dramatic two-handed sip. She continues to gloat about beating Charlotte and ends up just running off. Carmella then moonwalks across the screen and gloats a bit more.

- Young despite how Carmella acts, it's tough to be mad at her.

The Miz joins the show.

Miz thinks the show is Talking Smack, Young and Rosenberg try to correct him though. Miz says he doesn't know Peter's name, Peter says they've met a few times. Miz responds he has a forgetful face. Miz rips on Peter for wearing Bobby Heenan's jacket, "You don't look like him or sound like him." Renee wants to talk about Miz's past achievements, but Miz wants to look towards the future. Miz notes how he's made the Intercontinental Championship prestigious and whatever title he possesses becomes the title everyone should want to get.

Miz says he tried to focus on Seth Rollins' surgically repaired knee, but he couldn't quite put Rollins away. Thought Rollins' stomp is a little cheap. Miz says he has a qualifying match for the Money in the Bank match on Tuesday. Miz says he'll then win the case and have all the power when it comes to winning the title. Miz says everything that he does is "must-see" and he moves the needle wherever he goes. Miz rips on Peter a bit more about being on two shows, but his name isn't on either one. Miz gloats some more as we fade to black.


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