WWE Backlash: The Miz Vs. Seth Rollins (WWE Intercontinental Title Match)

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: The Miz vs. Seth Rollins

We go to the ring for tonight's first co-branded match as The Miz makes his way out. WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins is out next to a pop as JoJo does the introductions.

We see the Spanish and German announce teams at ringside as Rollins enters the ring. Fans chant for Rollins as we get some stalling and playing to the crowd after the bell. They lock up and trade holds to start. Miz ends up scrambling to the bottom rope to break a hold by Rollins. Miz turns it around on Rollins and stomps away as fans boo. Miz backs off as the referee warns him. More back and forth between the two now. Rollins tries to springboard in from the apron but Miz kicks him and he lands hard on the floor. Miz follows to the floor and works Rollins over, from the announce table to the apron. Miz brings it back into the ring and nails a running boot to the face for a 2 count. Miz keeps Rollins grounded in the middle of the ring now.

Miz keeps control and works Rollins over while keeping him down. Rollins counters a knee and rolls Miz up for a 2 count. Miz counters Rollins again and nails a big DDT for another close 2 count. Miz beats Rollins around and plays to the crowd for boos. Rollins fights up and out with strikes. Rollins blocks a move and slams Miz face first into the mat. Rollins with more offense in the corner. Rollins goes on and hits a Slingblade. Rollins sends Miz over the top to the floor as fans cheer. Rollins runs the ropes and nails a suicide dive to the outside, landing on his feet.

Rollins brings Miz back into the ring and springboards up but Miz catches him in mid-air. Rollins blocks the Skull Crushing Finale and rolls Miz up for a 2 count. More back and forth as Rollins hits a Blockbuster for a 2 count. Miz fights Rollins off and goes for the Figure Four but it's blocked. Miz sends Rollins to the apron but he flies back in with a big clothesline. Rollins looks out at the crowd as fans cheer. Rollins charges in the corner but Miz sends him to the apron and pulls him down face first into the apron. Fans boo as the referee counts. Miz rolls Rollins back into the ring and goes to the top. Rollins catches him and rolls through, standing up with Miz and driving him back down to the mat for a close 2 count. Rollins goes to the top for the big Frogsplash and nails it. Miz kicks out right before the 3 count.

Rollins cranks up for the Blackout curb stomp now as Miz recovers. Fans chant "burn it down" as Rollins gets ready. Miz rolls to the floor and fans boo. Rollins chases Miz back in the ring and ducks a clothesline. Rollins clotheslines Miz right back to the floor. Rollins runs the ropes for a dive but Miz meets him at the ropes with a big left hand. Miz looks to go for a DDT on the apron but it's blocked. Miz with a boot to the face on the apron. They trade more big shots on the apron now. Rollins jumps with the big Revolution Knee but Miz moves and Rollins drives his own knee into the ring post. Miz comes in and applies the Figure Four in the middle of the ring.

Miz tightens the hold as Rollins tries to fight it. Rollins turns over in the middle of the ring as Miz screams out in pain now. Miz reverses it again but Rollins makes it to the bottom rope and Miz is forced to break the hold. They trade shots as fans go along with them now. Rollins counters the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz with a big kick but Rollins comes right back with the enziguri. Rollins looks to counter the Skull Crushing Finale again but his knee goes out and Miz drops him for a close 2 count. Miz with the flying clothesline in the corner to a dazed Rollins. Miz goes to the top but wastes some time and Rollins crotches him. Rollins climbs up for the superplex but Miz hangs on and fights back, sending Rollins to the mat on his knee. Rollins runs right back up and nails the superplex, holding it for the Falcon Arrow but his knee goes out again. Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale for another close 2 count.

Miz gets up first as Rollins is still selling the knee injury. Miz puts Rollins on the top and rocks hi. Miz climbs up for a super Skull Crushing Finale from the second rope but Rollins fights it off. Rollins climbs up and comes down but Miz takes out the knee in mid-air. They trade pin attempts and more offense after Rollins misses a super Blackout from the second rope. Rollins nails the Blackout but his knee goes out again. Rollins still manages to crawl over and get the pin for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

- After the match, Rollins clutches his knee and takes the title as his music plays. Rollins gets up and raises the title to a pop while Miz is still down. We go to replays. Rollins raises the title and gets hyped up as fans cheer. We get another replay of the finish as Rollins continues the celebration.


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