WWE NXT Results (5/23): Velveteen Dream And Ricochet Vs. Lars Sullivan, Ciampa - Gargano

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Tonight features Velveteen Dream and Ricochet vs. Lars Sullivan in a handicap match. Also, Kairi Sane faces Lacey Evans, and Heavy Machinery takes on TM61.

- Camera shows Jonathan Coachman enjoying the action from the crowd.

Heavy Machinery vs. TM61

Otis and Thorne gets started, Thorne trying to move around the big man, no luck, gets tossed across the ring. Tucker is tagged in, double shoulder tackles. Tucker with an atomic drop and Miller is tagged in. Big splash in the corner by Tucker. Thorne tries to get involved and Otis pounces him hard to the mat. They put Miller in the corner, pick up Thorne and drive him right into his own partner.

Miller tossed into the top turnbuckle a few times. Blind tag by Thorne, and he crushes Tucker. Hammers away in the corner and brings Miller back into the match who continues to swing away in the corner. "Tucky!" chant from the crowd. Tucker continues to get bashed on by both opponents. He tries to fight them off, but no luck. Thorne with a lariat to the back of the head, they try to suplex Tucker, but he reverses and sends both to the mat.

He rolls throw and brings in Otis, double clotheslines, couple splashes, body slam on Miller, Otis is really over with the crowd. Hits the worm into an elbow drop, cover, and Thorne breaks it up. Tucker back in the ring, double armbar overhead suplex, but he charges the corner and goes into the ring post. Otis looks looks for a vader bomb, dries himself off with TM61's towel, and that delay costs him with a kick to the head. TM61 do the same cheap pin as they did before by Thorne holding Miller's legs down on the ropes so Otis couldn't kick out.

Winners: TM61 via Pinfall

- Vignette on Bianca Belair talking a little bit about why she is the "EST" of NXT as we see clips of her matches. Next week, we'll see more on her background.

- Vignette on EC3 talking about turning NXT into NX3 after only have a handful of matches.

Kairi Sane vs. Lacey Evans

Evans out in a very serious mood, bell rings and Sane immediately hits her with a dropkick. Evans fights back and lands a massive chop. Sane gets in a chop of her own that's just as vicious. Back and forth action, Evans with a kick to put Sane down, cover, two. Evans with a knee to Sane's arm and follows it up with a kick. Evan ties up Sane in the corner to continue working that arm. Highly aggressive match from both of these women.

Bronco buster by Evans, cover, two-count. Sane trying to get back in this one, running blockbuster, ax kick to Evans' back, spear, and Sane charges up for her sliding elbow into the corner. Evans crumples out to the floor, Sane with a flying elbow off the steps. Evans thrown back into the ring, Sane tries for a flying elbow off the top rope and Evan pops her in midair with women's right, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Lacey Evans via Pinfall

- Outside, Cathy Kelley hoping to talk with Johnny Gargano (who has a neck brace on) and Candice LeRae who do show up. Gargano is asked about his neck, "I've seen better days." Gargano says he sat down with Candice and they came up with a plan for the future. He plans on telling the crowd though as they head in.

- Last week, we see the finish of the 6-man tag match with Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan, and Pete Dunne defeated The Undisputed Era. Burch and Lorcan are interviewed and said they feel like they've earned a shot at the NXT Tag Titles with that victory.

- Undisputed Era are together and Adam Cole calls Lorcan, Burch, and Dunne were the three luckiest people on Earth. O'Reilly calls them a bunch of nobodies. Strong says they are way out of their league and he wants to prove it by taking on Burch.

Lars Sullivan vs. Ricochet and Velveteen Dream (Handicap Match)

Dream starts off with Sullivan and immediately gets sent across the mat. Ricochet tags in and gets sent face first straight down to the match. Dream says something to Ricochet and tags in, they get on opposite sides and swing away. Double dropkicks, Sullivan stays on his feet. Dream snatches up his legs, Ricochet with a springboard dropkick, cover, Dream gets launched off Sullivan. Dream with a couple strikes off the top rope. Sullivan stuck in the corner, Ricochet and Dream with multiple strikes.

Sullivan finally gets his hands on Ricochet, sends him into the corner, but gets caught with an ax kick and dropkick. Dream tagged in and instantly gets chopped in the neck. Sullivan busts through a double clothesline attempt. Ricochet with a distraction, Dream with a kick, double superkicks, double cover, kicks out! Sullivan fighting off both wrestlers, big lariat on Dream, picks him up and drops Dream on the mat, cover, two.

Sullivan continues to destroy Dream who just can't get to his partner. Dream almost gets there, no, big power slam, cover, two. Sullivan heads up to the top rope, goes for a diving headbutt on Dream's back, cover, Ricochet breaks that up. He gets Sullivan to chase him out on the floor, Sullivan catches him for a moment, Ricochet gets away, Dream with a purple rainmaker on Sullivan's back. Ricochet is tagged in, lands a bunch of strikes while dodging Sullivan's clubbing blows. Dream with a diving crossbody, standing shooting star press by Ricochet, cover, two!

Dream and Ricochet star trading back and forth blows. Ricochet with a springboard 450 splash and Dream hits his own partner with a rolling death valley driver! "You want to screw me! I'll screw you!" Sullivan makes his way back into the ring and Dream bails. Freak accident by Sullivan, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Lars Sullivan via Pinfall

- Next week: NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler defends against Dakota Kai.

- Cathy spoke with Kai and asked about her biggest match to date. Kai says this is something she's dreamed about for so long and can't believe she gets an opportunity. Despite that, Kai says Baszler is bully and someone she's allowed to get inside her head. Baszler shows up (of course) and wonders why Kai has suddenly gone so quiet. "You know you don't stand a chance, right?" Kai finally responds, "We'll see about that." Baszler seemed surprised by that reaction.

- NXT Champion Aleister Black will appear next week.

- Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae head out to the ring. Gargano in a very somber mood and says everyday his body reminds him of the punishment he went through from Tommaso Ciampa's most recent attack. He says he's put his body through a lot and after talking with Candice it's time to start thinking about their future. Crowd is worried. Gargano wonders if it's worth it. Crowd with a "Yes!" chant. With the injuries and the toll it's taking on his friends, family and wife, is it worth it? Selfish crowd chants "Yes!" again.

He says it's worth it! Candice is happy with this and tries to get him to chill out. He calls out Tommaso Ciampa. Candice bails out of the ring and heads to the back. Ciampa tells Gargano if he doesn't leave the ring by the time he gets there he's going to finish him. A bunch of referees try to keep Gargano away and actually get him out of the ring as Ciampa gets into it. Candice tries to get him to calm down and think of the future, she wants him to go to the back as Ciampa smiles and waves goodbye. Ciampa "Be a good little boy and listen to your wife." Gargano charges the ring, Ciampa bounces him back off the apron and he lands back on Candice, knocking her to the ramp. She looks knocked out as a medical staff comes over to check her out. Ciampa leaves through the crowd.


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