Xavier Woods Throws Some Shade?, WWE Sends Out Custom Titles (Photos), Clash With Cesaro

- Above is the latest Clash with Cesaro video, Cesaro notes that we're three weeks away from the one-year anniversary of the show.

- After winning the Premier League, WWE sent a custom WWE Championship to Manchester City. The team tweeted up-close photos of the side plates and a number of players with the title.

- On Twitter, a fan showed off his wrestling game collection to Xavier Woods, who noted that he also has all of those games. Another fans asked if he had Nintendo's WrestleMania Challenge and Woods responded, "Nah, something about that game just doesn't sit right with me anymore...Not sure what it is..." The game cover featured Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, and Big Boss Man. Stirring the pot a bit, Randy Orton retweeted Woods with a "lying face" emoji.


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