Young Bucks On If They Thought They'd Sell Out "All In," Cody Rhodes Talks Putting Together A Card

Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks spoke with ESPN on their recent sell out of the September 1 All In event in Chicago. Here are some of the highlights:

If they would do a second show:

Nick Jackson: "Well, you never know, though, if it's just a crazy success. And you know what? I think it's already a success, knowing that we're doing it. And a lot of people thought that it was impossible for anyone to run an arena, and you know what? We're doing it, self-promoted, all by us and the buzz that we got for it. ... It's been huge. And I think that alone is a huge accomplishment."

If they thought they would sell 10,000 tickets:

Matt Jackson: "I knew we would do good, and I always thought we would do 10 [thousand], but I thought we would have to get walk-ups. I thought we would get five or six [thousand] in the first couple days, and then maybe after a week it would get a couple more hundred. Then I thought there would be a giant walk-up, and then hopefully we'd get to 10 [thousand]."

Trying to put together a card for the show:

Cody Rhodes: "I've got about four cards. It's one of the more arduous elements of this. Matt and Nick and I agreed that nothing happens unless there's a thumbs-up from all three."

Matt Jackson: "This card's changed, what, like a half a dozen times? Maybe more than that? A dozen times already? None of them are written in permanent marker. Or a pen. It's all been pencil."

Cody assuring Nick and Matt that he was a solid partner and wasn't looking to just springboard back to WWE:

Cody Rhodes: "The Bucks had the idea of doing [All In], and I think I came in with a little bit of motivation. I let them know right away that I'm not going anywhere. I'm not looking for this to be my springboard back to WWE. I love WWE, but I want to try this. I think they needed to hear that -- they needed a real partner."

You can check out the full interview by clicking here.


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