Adam Cole Compares Being In Undisputed Era With Bullet Club

Adam Cole arrived in NXT and formed the Undisputed Era right from the start. Alongside Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish, Cole has a strong stable of guys around him. Since Fish's injury, Roderick Strong was added to the stable and he is a terrific fit as well. Only time will tell what happens once Bobby Fish returns but that is part of what makes a great faction because there should be no end of fun storyline possibilities.

The leader of Undisputed Era knows about being in a strong faction because as a former member of The Bullet Club he ran with the Elite in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Cole recently spoke to the So Catch by Hal YouTube channel while NXT was on their European tour where he was asked about his experiences with the two dominate stables.

"I've been in a lot of different factions my whole career and all the guys who made up those factions are different performers. For example, if you look at the Undisputed Era as a whole I'm very different than Roderick Strong who's very different from Kyle O'Reilly who's very different from Bobby Fish. Bullet Club was the exact same way. Everyone was different but together collectively that's what made The Bullet Club what it was."

"Of course you're gonna see people who compare the groups especially when someone jumps from group to group. Undisputed Era has the same cocky, no-nonsense, do whatever we want attitude that Bullet Club does so you get the comparisons, but at the same time I do think the group that we have now in the Undisputed Era is different in that sense. I definitely have noticed differences, yeah."

Adam Cole defeated Walter at Evolve 107 on June 24th to retain his NXT North American Championship and although this interview took place before his successful title defense, Cole understood and was excited for more cross-promotional possibilities down the line.

"It's exciting, I made a comment before when I won the North American Championship I said I was gonna make it the most important title in NXT and one of the ways for me to do that is to go out and defend the title in other companies like Evolve. I think it makes it cool. I think it adds to the coolness of pro wrestling in 2018 where NXT champions are showing up elsewhere."

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