Ax On Why Demolition Isn't In The Hall Of Fame, WWE Trying To Eliminate Them With New Day's Reign

WWE Legend Ax of Demolition (Bill Eadie) recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to promote a WrestlePro show in Rahway, NJ this weekend. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

The WWE Network helping their careers:

"The WWE Network brought a whole new meaning to our career. We've had a lot of younger fans catch onto the nostalgia kick, and it's really humbling and pleasing to go to these events, like the one at WrestlePro, and interact with the fans."

Why Demolition isn't in the WWE Hall of Fame, Eadie and Barry Darsow (Smash) being a part of the 2016 class action lawsuit against WWE over brain injuries:

"I'm almost certain it's because of the lawsuit. It could happen, it might not happen, but Barry and I know that the fans know that Demolition should be in the Hall of Fame. We have the satisfaction of knowing we should be in there, and the fans tell us that every time we go out to sign."

The New Day beating Demolition's record for longest run as WWE Tag Team Champions in 2016:

"That was done to try to eliminate Demolition. But we have no control over that or the Hall of Fame. Perhaps they'll ask, perhaps they won't, but we're not going to lose sleep over it."

Interacting with fans at indie shows:

"People remember us fondly, and it's great to interact with them. A few say, 'You scared us to death,' but I always tell them that we were just doing our job."