Big Cass Reportedly Released Due To Personal Conduct Issues, Past Issues With Cass

As reported, WWE announced that Big Cass has been released from the company. Apparently, per Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline, Vince McMahon held a meeting Tuesday prior to SmackDown Live airing, and made the decision to let Cass go.

According to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, a major issue was Big Cass excessively drinking during most of the European tour, and having attitudes with others while drunk. Moreover, being intoxicated while in public is something the WWE does not condone, which is why they were sour on Cass.

Regarding Cass' backstage demeanor, former WWE wrestler Simon Dean (Mike Bucci) shared a story on Facebook where he recalled Cass acting in a rude manner. According to Bucci, Cass "big-dogged" a former co-worker who was backstage, and forced him out of the locker room.

"A former wrestling co-worker of mine from back in my WWE days was backstage at a show about a year ago and Big Cass big dogged him and asked him to leave the locker room," Bucci wrote on Facebook. "If their paths cross again on the indys, I hope I'm there to see my old buddy return the favor."

According to a source I reached out to, it was added that Cass could have been getting too comfortable with his character and getting in conflict with people backstage, and these are situations that usually get wrestlers in hot water. The source added that Cass could have been trying to make up for offending others by "playing politics," and it was probably a case of "keeping it real going wrong."


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