Bob Holly was interviewed by All Things Wrestling Radio, and discussed his rivalry with Brock Lesnar and the 2002 match on SmackDown that broke his neck.

Over the past 16 years, there have been many theories on why Lesnar powerbombed Holly the way he did, with many of them stating that Holly was either the recipient of a powerbomb after being stiff with Lesnar throughout the match, or sandbagging Lesnar during the move, with Lesnar deciding just to drop him on his head.

Despite these theories and others, Holly cleared the air on what actually happened, and their relationship following the match.

“Things happen, and it just happened. The timing was off, and it wasn’t malicious, it wasn’t intended to happen, and Brock and I are good friends in and out of the ring,” said Holly. “So, we had a good working relationship. I enjoyed working with him. After it happened, he felt bad, and he called me after my surgery and he’d check on me periodically and see how I was doing. So, for these people that think they know what happened, they don’t.”

As a result of the powerbomb, Holly was forced to undergo surgery, being sidelined for over a year. Holly returned at the 2003 Survivor Series, attacking Lesnar to gain revenge for the injury. Their feud culminated at the 2004 Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship, which Holly was unable to dethrone Lesnar.

Following this feud, Holly spent a couple of years in different title feuds, but was never able to win. He also spent a year in ECW, but was not able to win the ECW Championship. Holly did win the WWE Tag Team Championship again while teaming with Cody Rhodes, but lost them six months later to Cody and Ted DiBiase, Jr., after Cody turned on Holly. Holly was released from WWE in 2009.

Source: All Things Wrestling Radio