CM Punk was with WWE up until after the 2014 Royal Rumble when he historically walked out of the company. In doing that, he might have rubbed several of his former coworkers in WWE the wrong way to say the least.

Corey Graves threw some heated remarks Punk’s way after his UFC 225 loss and it looks like Graves wasn’t the only person CM Punk might have upset.

Booker T threw some major shade at CM Punk as well during the Money In The Bank kickoff show while he brought up Punk’s fight. He said CM Punk tried to roll into the UFC and he got the breaks beat off of him.

“Look we saw CM Punk try to run in the UFC trying to take over, that boy got the breaks beat off him just a couple weeks ago,” Booker T said.

Although Punk’s loss against Mike Jackson wasn’t as bad as when he lost to Mickey Gall, those comments from Booker T still had to sting.

Who knows what CM Punk is going to do next? But if he comes back to WWE it might be very interesting backstage. It’s just a good thing that according to CM Punk there’s no chance of him having to worry about that because he’s done with pro wrestling at this point.