Brian Christopher Arrested For Not Paying For Hotel

Former WWE star Brian Lawler, f.k.a. Brian "Grand Master Sexay" Christopher, was arrested in downtown Memphis early this morning. According to FOX 13 Memphis, Lawler was arrested after leaving a Hampton Inn hotel without paying.

The manager of the hotel reportedly contacted police and told them that two people, Lawler and Terry Teague, had stayed in the room, but left without paying. The credit card that they had used to stay in the hotel did not have enough money on it to pay the $802 for the room. Lawler and Teague said that they did not have the money to cover the charges. Lawler was booked for theft of services less than $1000. He has a hearing scheduled for this morning.

Lawler wrestled for WWE from 1997 through 2001, however was released from the company after he was arrested for possessing illegal drugs when he crossed the Canadian border for a WWE tour. He had several short lived returns for the company since then, most recently teaming with Scotty Too Hotty is a losing effort to The Ascension at NXT Arrival in February of 2014.

You can check out Lawler's mugshot below:


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