Bruce Prichard On The Undertaker's Gimmick Change Reaction, Tonight's SmackDown, Fans On Kevin Owens

- Cathy Kelley previews tonight's WWE SmackDown in this new video.

- WWE has a new poll asking which is worse for Kevin Owens - 55% voted, "Being Braun Strowman's enemy because he threw Owens off a ladder." The rest went with, "Being Braun Strowman's friend because he flipped over Owens' car."

- As noted, Wednesday's "Something Else to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard" podcast on the WWE Network will feature a discussion on The Undertaker's "American Badass" and "Big Evil" days. Below is a preview for the show with Prichard and co-host Conrad Thompson.

"In Taker's mind it was, if we make this change we can never go back," Prichard said of The Dead Man switching gimmicks.


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