CM Punk Confirms Under Oath What "CM" Stands For

CM Punk and Colt Cabana took the stand today in their libel and slander trial against WWE Senior Ringside Physician Chris Amaan. While under oath, CM Punk confirmed that the "CM" in his name stands for "Chick Magnet." Punk was a member of a tag team called "The Chick Magnets" in his backyard wrestling days, and while it was believed that was what the initials stood for, he would never confirm it publicly.

During an interview with Sam Roberts last year, Punk's wife, AJ Mendez Brooks, said that the initials were meant to be a mystery.

"I think it's supposed to be a mystery for the fans for the rest of time, so he says something different every time, so I don't want to break that," AJ said when asked what CM stands for.

Bruce Prichard noted on his Something to Wrestle With podcast that Punk admitted what the letters meant to him.

"Well from his own mouth, he told me that it was Chick Magnet and he was given that name because of the tag team and it just stuck and he just never changed it after all those years," said Prichard. "And it was that simple."

We will have lots more news from the trial shortly.

William Windsor contributed to this article.


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