CM Punk Goes The Distance, But Loses Handily At UFC 225

CM Punk's second fight in the UFC went the distance, but he came out on the losing end of a dominant unanimous decision to Mike Jackson. Punk didn't give up and showed tons of heart, but it was a one-sided defeat. All three judges scored the fight 30-26 in Jackson's favor.

Punk looked more comfortable in the Octagon to start the fight. His hometown crowd in Chicago chanted his name and he was able to land a leg kick and a punch before getting in the clinch. He tried to go for takedowns but Jackson defended and started busting Punk's face up with his jab. Punk landed a takedown towards the end of the first round, but Jackson got back up to his feet and landed a big body shot before the horn sounded. Punk looked tired as he went back to his corner.

In the second round, Jackson landed a huge right hand that stunned Punk, literally stopping him in his tracks. After forcing a clinch, Punk weirdly jumped up for a guillotine but wasn't close with it at all and Jackson just dropped him to the ground. Jackson maintained top position and did more damage to Punk's face. Punk went for a triangle choke but Jackson got out of it and toyed with him to end the dominant round.

The third round was more of the same. Punk refused to give up but he was visibly exhausted and Jackson continued to play around with him instead of chasing the finish. Jackson landed a few hard shots but didn't follow up, seeming content to ride out the decision.

Punk didn't stick around for a post-fight interview. With another bad showing in the Octagon and an 0-2 record, it's hard to imagine him getting another fight in the UFC anytime soon.


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