Although Colt Cabana was cleared of any charges of defamation regarding WWE doctor Chris Amann following the podcast with CM Punk, he admits that he is still not himself emotionally. As a result of the trial being so mentally exhausting, Cabana admitted on his latest Art of Wrestling podcast that, his wrestling, training, and even interacting with others has been affected.

“I can feel like a gravitational pull,” said Cabana. “And I’m trying to fight it, and I’m trying to smile at kids, and I’m trying to talk the grocer, or whoever it is, but I can feel, I can feel, I can feel it. And I’m fighting it. I really am. I felt it on the road this week, I know my podcast is about talking to people, a lot of me had zero desire to do any of that, [but] I still did it.

“A lot of me was thinking almost people were judging me, or the only thing to talk about on this podcast would be this trial. And then I’m like, we’re just gonna put on the recorder and talk about this trial? That really didn’t make sense to me.”

Cabana added that he does not need sympathetic tweets, but he needs time before he gets back to his former self. He thought that the time before he bounced back would be quicker, like a day after the trial ended, but has realized that his optimistic thinking is not his current reality.

Overall, Cabana projected that Amann’s judgment would have tallied overall to over 40 million dollars, which he is thankful that he does not have to pay. In his previous podcast episode, Cabana stated that Dr. Amann’s lawyer took a jab at him regarding making a living, as he made fun of Colt’s promotion of people buying his merchandise.

Currently, Cabana said that this is the biggest thing on his mind, and he struggles with people looking at him in public, thinking that others may be judging him. However, he did say that he realize that people have their own problems to deal with, and maybe his struggles is just being paranoid without having much of a reality to it.

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Source: Art of Wrestling