Colt Cabana On If He's Still Friends With CM Punk

CM Punk was not the only person to be vindicated of defamation charges by WWE doctor Chris Amann, as Colt Cabana joined him as well. Cabana was added due to Punk sharing his thoughts on the Art of Wrestling podcast following his WWE departure.

In 2016, Punk and Cabana reportedly had a falling out due to Punk being upset with Cabana for showing up backstage at a WWE Raw event. To Punk, Cabana affiliating himself in any measure with WWE would hurt his defense. In the end, it had no effect, as both were cleared from the lawsuit.

Cabana appeared as a guest on Busted Open Radio today, and Bubba Ray Dudley asked Colt the status of his friendship with Punk.

Cabana responded, "We're... we're what we are, you know?" Bubba, dissatisfied with the answer, asked if he and Punk were at least cordial, in which Cabana responded, "Yes. Of course we are."

Bubba asked if they were friends again, since situations like this can bring people closer together.

"Me and Punk [are] like you and Taz," said Cabana. Bubba responded, "Ah, so it's really bad, huh?" Cabana said hesitantly, "We're friends."

Punk made it clear during the UFC 225 press week that he is done with professional wrestling, and has tried to put it behind him for the past five years. Cabana was asked whether Punk would return to the ring.

"I think he has no desire to ever go to WWE, but, you never know," said Cabana. "In 10 years, something can be different. His mindset could be different, his pocket book could be different, these are factors that I don't know. Like, right now, I think he hates wrestling, and everything is kind of... it's weird, because it's done everything for him, and it's also done everything against him. So, I think he has a bad taste for wrestling in his mouth but, you know, in four, five, 10 years, who knows?"

Cabana added that Chris Jericho's involvement with New Japan Pro Wrestling this year shows that there are other options. Bubba added that it is hard to see how someone who is passionate about wrestling allow one company to strip it all away from him, despite that fact that fans still "clamor for him and genuinely love him." Cabana feels sad for Punk that becoming so successful in the WWE led to him losing his passion for the business that he showed during his time with Ring of Honor.

Regarding CM Punk's MMA future, Cabana feels that UFC will part ways with him, but he will continue to train.

"I think he'll want to stay within the industry if they'll have him," said Cabana. He added that Punk could be a competitor or commentator for Bellator, and he feels that he has a passion for MMA and will stick with it for now in some capacity.

If any portion of these quotes are used, please be sure to credit Busted Open Radio with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: Busted Open Radio


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