Corey Graves Says He'd Fight CM Punk, WWE Posts Rey Mysterio - Paul Heyman Video, WWE Milk-O-Mania

- WWE posted the video above of Paul Heyman trying to recruit then-World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio into the WWE re-branded ECW in 2006. Mysterio ended up declining the offer. As noted, WWE is reportedly still interested in bringing Mysterio back to the company in the next few months. Cody, Marty Scurll, and Adam Page defeated Mysterio, Jushin Luger and Hiroshi Tanahashi after Cody pinned Liger.


- The Mattel "WWE Milk-o-Mania WWE Epic Moments 3-Pack" is now up for pre-order featuring Kurt Angle, Stephanie McMahon, and Steve Austin at this link. It looks at the epic moment where Angle took on The Alliance and doused the WCW members with milk. Angle is wearing his Olympic gold medals and black and red ring shorts and grey sneakers as he shoots milk from a hose accessory and includes a cooler full milk accessory. Stephanie McMahon comes complete with a black outfit and a drenched, 'milk-covered' look! Also included is the 'Bionic Redneck' Stone Cold Steve Austin with blue jean shorts and a removable black 'WCW' shirt. As a bonus, the 'Milk-o-Mania' packaging is shaped to resemble the milk truck that Kurt Angle drove into the stadium for his epic moment. You can check out a photo of the 3-pack below:


- Corey Graves' continued to comment on his problems with CM Punk. As noted, Graves took several shots at Punk last night following Punk's one-sided loss to Mike Jackson at UFC 225. Graves claimed that he was good friends with Punk, and Punk even held his first son before he was able to because he was on a tour and he trusted him. He said that Punk turned his back on everyone that supported him. Graves since responded that he would fight Punk, and that he knew how to fight "before [he] got to TV," as seen below: