Daniel Bryan Advertised For Major Show After His WWE Contract Expires

Daniel Bryan never lost hope he would wrestle in WWE again and after so much time being grateful while going to different doctors he finally received his medical clearance to make an in-ring return. But even before he was finally cleared to return to WWE, Bryan had his mind made up that he would wrestle elsewhere if WWE wouldn't let him.

You could argue Bryan would make great money on the indie wrestling scene and he could elect to take a position as his own boss and let his WWE contract expire. His WWE contract is up on September 1st and Dave Meltzer noted on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that he still hasn't signed a new contract. But to make matters even more interesting, WWE is promoting Bryan for the Super Show-Down at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds in October, a month after his WWE contract expires.

As noted, Bryan's contract happens to expire on the same date as the "All In" independent show outside of Chicago, promoted by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. Bryan recently appeared on Chris Jericho's Talk Is Jericho podcast and revealed that he doesn't know if he could even do the show.

"The day of the show is the day my contract expires," Bryan said. When asked if that meant he could appear at the event, Bryan laughed and replied, "I don't know!"

Bryan noted that he doesn't know if his contract expires on August 31st at midnight or September 1st at midnight, with the latter not allowing him to appear. Bryan joked that he could appear at the show in a full body suit and a mask, and then get unmasked at midnight.

Cards are always subject to change and the WWE Super Show-Down in Australia is no different.

Source: F4WOnline


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