Daniel Bryan Praises WWE UK GM, MSG Updates On AAA And WWE, Matt Hardy Reveals Pact With Jeff Hardy

- Above is new video of Daniel Bryan talking to new WWE UK General Manager Johnny Saint, who will make his first TV appearance in the role on the WWE UK Title tournament and WWE NXT UK Championship specials that air on Monday and Tuesday at 3pm EST on the WWE Network.


"Among my generation of wrestlers, these are guys who grew up watching tapes trying to learn as much as they could from tapes because there weren't a ton of veterans around to learn from, and when you talk about technical wizardry, and I'm someone who really appreciates technical wrestling, there is nobody better than Johnny Saint," Bryan said. "It's incredibly lucky for WWE to have someone like Johnny Saint. I wrestled him in 2009 and it's weird because it's a different style that's kind of been lost. You can watch the tapes but it's not the same as being there and living it. Those guys wrestled anywhere from 5-10 matches a week, doing that style, and when you wrestle that style that often, you become a master of it and that's what he is. Him being the GM of the UK scene for WWE is a bonus for all those guys because he's somebody who gives back to much that if you have any questions, if you want to pick his brain, if you want to say, 'Hey, how did you do this?, how did you do that?, what was the secret behind this?,' He's always got an answer for you and that's incredible.


"He's such a gentleman and it'll be interesting to see how he handles the conflict of people like WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne, people who are fiery, people who want to grab the brass ring, who want to take hold of being the top guy in the UK. So it will be interesting to see how he handles it. It will also be interesting to see if it inspires this desire to get back into the ring because despite being in his 60s, he can still go. I don't know, Pete Dunne vs. Johnny Saint? I'd pay to see it."

- We noted before how Ring of Honor had lost their 2019 dates for a big Madison Square Garden debut for the company after MSG had talks with WWE. MSG officials had been down on the fact that none of WWE's WrestleMania 35 events were booked with them and how WWE had started using the Barclays Center in Brooklyn as their main arena in New York City.

Regarding the dates that Mexico's AAA promotion had booked for this fall, PWInsider reports that they still have the two dates booked. One date is Sunday, September 16th and the other is a back-up date as they are also looking at running Las Vegas on September 16th. There was talk of the other date being Sunday, September 23rd but word is that it will be later in the fall. AAA is working on strategies for debuting at MSG in the fall but they are also talking about possibly pushing the debut back to early 2019 as they want to maximize the opportunity.


WWE is set to return to MSG on Saturday, July 7th for a non-televised event with The Undertaker and Ronda Rousey. Word is that The Undertaker was added as a special attraction and not in response to MSG reaching out to other wrestling companies.

- The new WWE 24 special on The Hardys continues to receive rave reviews from fans. The special gives a look at some of their personal issues over the years and where they're at now after turning things around. RAW Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy wrote the following on a pact he made with WWE United States Champion Jeff Hardy about sharing their story. You can also see a few clips from the show below: