Eddie Edwards spoke with Wrestling Epicenter on re-signing with Impact and the company’s new direction, which includes crossover work with other promotions. Here are some of the highlights:

The new direction of Impact Wrestling:

“I love it. From the office to the boys and the girls in the back to the production, we’re all on that same page. One of the first things Scott and Don told us was nothing is going to be completely fixed, we’re not going to turn this thing around in one day. We’re going to do it day by day, step by step. That is exactly what we’re doing. The lines of communication are open between everybody. We all know what we’re doing. We all know what our goal is. Our goal is to make Impact the best show we can. They preached that from the beginning. We’re all on board with that. It is an exciting time. Obviously I’m enjoying what I’m doing. But, everything with Impact is trending upward!”

His decision to re-sign with Impact earlier this year:

“Impact Wrestling is a company and a product that I believe in. I want to help it succeed. I want be one of the guys to put this company on our back and say, “Lets go, boys!” I would feel wrong jumping ship. Everybody has different things that make them happy. Right now, this is the place for me. Impact is something that I take pride in and I want to be able to take things to the next level.”

If Impact could ever work with ROH for a co-branded show:

“I would never say it won’t happen. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope it does happen.”

Crossover with Lucha Underground and potential for more events like that one:

“Pro wrestling is a strange, strange world right now. That’s a good thing. You’ve got companies working together, partnerships. You’ve got guys working here, working there. It is a great time for wrestling and I think Impact is in a position to really capitalize on that. I would love us to do more shows with other well known companies. Tee more we get to work with each other, the better for the boys and the better for the fans!”

You can check out the full interview in the video above or the full highlights by clicking here.