Gangrel On How WWE Felt About Edge Early On, Which Riding Partners Luna Vachon Didn't Like

As previously noted, former WWE Superstar Gangrel was recently a guest on E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness. Among many other things, Christian talked about getting called up to the main roster for The Brood; Gangrel shared the late great Luna Vachon's thoughts on Gangrel's travel partners; Gangrel divulged that WWE officials were always high on Edge; additionally, Edge discussed the importance of The Brood to the pro wrestling careers of Edge and Christian.

Christian recalled getting word from then WWE producer Bruce Prichard that he would be called up to WWE's main roster and would be interfering in Edge's pay-per-view match. 

"From my end, I had no clue what was going on because I was at the training camps at the time. And Bruce Prichard had come up to me and said, 'hey, you're needed at the pay-per-view. On Sunday, you're starting.'" Christian remembered, "and then, I was like, 'what am I doing?' and he was like, 'I don't know.' And he walked away kind of with a smile on his face. And I followed him around for, like, an hour, and I was like, 'please, you have to tell me what I'm doing.' And when he did tell me, he didn't fill me in too much, but he kind of told me what I needed to bring with me, which was, all I knew at the time was I was interfering and distracting [Edge] in his match with Owen [Hart] and that's all I knew. That's literally all I knew going up there."

According to Gangrel, Luna was glad when Gangrel was riding with Edge and Christian, but was not very happy about some of Gangrel's other travel partners including Road Dogg, Jeff Jarrett, Chris Benoit, and Eddie Guerrero.  

"She was all good when I rode with [Edge and Christian], but when I rode with Road Dogg and [Jeff] Jarrett, it was [imitating Luna yelling]." Gangrel recalled, "and then, when I came back and started riding with Benoit and Guerrero, Eddie and her fought all the time. He'd say, 'let me talk to mama' and I'd say, 'you don't want to her.' 'No, let me talk to her!' Next thing I know, I hear him talking to her in Spanish. He'd go, '[Gangrel], I just can't talk to that woman!' 'You'll never learn with that Latin temper and her lunacy.' I miss all three of them. It's crazy."

Apparently, WWE brass always viewed Edge as a future world champion, and Gangrel shared that The Brood was meant as a vehicle for E&C.

"It was really only supposed to be a shuttle for [Edge and Christian]." Gangrel continued, "they came to me and said, 'Edge', they told me they were going to put the belt on [Edge] in the future. They clearly told me that. They pulled me aside and said, 'hey, this guy's a future champion' and all that. They knew. I don't know if [Edge] knew. They made clear for me to know not to let anything happen to [Edge]. Like, 'take care of these guys and make sure nothing happens. Just make sure everything's cool there.' And I was cool with that station in life. The Brood thing wasn't supposed to be anything, but then it started gaining momentum and it was unstoppable. It was kind of like a wildfire."

Also during the podcast, Edge stated that he is thankful for The Brood run as he does not know whether their pro wrestling odysseys would have been as successful without The Brood.  

"I think back to how much fun we really did have and how… I mean, I'm sure there was, like, I don't really believe in luck. I think you make you're own luck, but I think we were given a bunch of tools and it became this thing because, like I said, we all bought in. Then, we all added our own element to the entrances and our own element to the matches themselves because we all work differently. But I think the singular mentality was when we get heat, attack like a pack of wolves." Edge added, "but I really am always thankful for that time in The Brood because I really do think that in hindsight it did springboard [Christian] and I to get the confidence to be able to go where we ended up going. But I don't think it happens without that year of [Gangrel] helping us gain that confidence and credibility in the locker room."

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Source: E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness


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