How Long Is WWE MITB Scheduled For?, Triple H Sends Custom Title, Drew Gulak Knocks WWE UK Stars

- Above is video of Drew Gulak discussing the upcoming WWE UK Title tournament. The WWE 205 Live Superstar says he's received a negative response on being an American entering the tournament and this came as a surprise because he thought people would be excited about an import coming over to show them how to do their job. Gulak also talks about working in England years ago and knocks some of the other tournament competitors.


"Many of the guys who are in the tournament today, they're people that have looked up to me, people who have modeled their careers off of me and what I've done. That's high;y flattering but it's also very sad at the same time," Gulak said. "All these wrestlers who claim that they want to be hard working and they sacrifice, once they get somewhere they're unhappy. They're never happy, they're never satisfied. Growth takes sacrifice and there's going to be speed-bumps along the way. I'm not afraid of taking those losses, I'm not afraid of taking those hits, because I know what the outcome is eventually. I play the long game, I don't play the short game. These guys in the UK, they definitely play the short game and I don't know why. I don't worry about so much what the other competitors think because I think they're just nervous, they're just jealous. They look at me as a threat and they should. It's going to be a highly technical bout. If you step to me, you will tap out."


Gulak faced Jack Gallagher in a first round tournament match that should air on an upcoming WWE NXT episode.

- The WWE Network schedule has confirmed that the June 17th WWE Money In the Bank Kickoff pre-show will begin at 6pm EST and run for one hour. The MITB pay-per-view is set to begin at 7pm EST and is currently scheduled to end at 10:30pm EST, according to the Network schedule, so it will be a 4 1/2 hour show if you include the Kickoff. A thirty-minute MITB post-show with Renee Young and Sam Roberts is scheduled to begin at 10:30pm EST.

- Triple H is sending a custom WWE Title to the Golden State Warriors for their NBA Championship win last night. The Warriors dominated the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the finals. Triple H tweeted the following: