Impact "One Night Only: Zero Fear" Spoilers: Former WWE Cruiserweights In Title Match, Eli Drake

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader MrEddyG for sending in these results from this past weekend's Impact One Night Only taping at the Kozlov Arena in Mississauga, ON:

Dark Match:

* Ace Austin vs Godfather Swole. Ace wins a sloppy match.

ONO Tapings:

Don Callis & Josh Matthews are on commentary.

* Desmond Xavier vs Matt Sydal for the X Division Title. Sydal retains.

* Desi Hit Squad w/ Gama Singh defeated Desmond Quicksilver & Aiden Prince. Gursinder Singh gets the pin with a Sky High.

* Madison Rayne defeated KC Spinelli w/ a Roll The Dice. KC mocked Josh and told him he'd need a new partner after she was done with Madison.

* The Fraternity (they didn't announce their names) vs Fallah Bahh & Stone Rockwell. Bahh gets the win with a Banzai Drop while at the same time Rockwell got a spinning powerbomb on the other man and they both simultaneously pinned their men. Good chemistry between the two.

* Trevor Lee vs Eddie Edwards. The crowd loved Eddie-he got one of the loudest reactions of the night. They fought in the bleachers at one point, and Eddie hit Lee with a case of Pringles. Back in the ring Lee wanted popcorn for some reason; a man in the crowd gave Eddie popcorn and he dumped it on Lee. Then someone else gave Eddie two small Doritos bags, and he dropped toe-holed Lee into those. This led to "HOLY CHIPS" and "POPCORN MANIA" chants. Eddie won with a single underhook DDT.

* Katarina vs Su Yung for the KO title. Both women were out by themselves. Su retains. The crowd was more into her than Katarina. I thought this was her best match since she arrived.

* Josh Alexander vs Sami Callihan. Very physical match. Alexander kicked out a piledriver late, but Sami defeated him with a double underhook into a shoulder breaker. After the match, the referee was attending to Alexander but Sami came back and laid Josh out with his baseball bat and then chocked him out with the bat from behind.

* Rich Swann vs Austin Aries for The Impact World Title. "BOTH THESE GUYS" chants to begin. Swann performed some cool dance moves and invited AA to try; eventually he did-including a very decent moonwalk, but acted like he hurt himself trying to do the splits. Swann missed a top rope move and Aries applies The Last Chancery to retain.

* Eli Drake vs Moose vs Pentagon Jr. was the main event. Eli cut a promo earlier about having a hard time getting to Mississauga. Some woman damaged his Corvette, then he called the woman getting him a rental a dummy. His agent checking in on him, he called him a dummy. Then the girl who damaged his car wanted to get together to discuss things, but all he was focused on was getting to Mississauga. Pentagon Jr. won with his running Muscle Buster. Fans were given the opportunity to take pictures with him in the ring after for $20. Very good show overall.


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