Impact Wrestling Results (6/7): Eli Drake, Sami Callihan And Eddie Edwards Fight, Tag Title Match

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- Recap of last week's show where Su Yung won the Knockouts Champions and Austin Aries defeated Pentagon Jr. to become the Impact World Champion.

Z&E (c) vs. Drago and Aerostar (Impact World Tag Team Championship)

Drago and DJZ kick things off with some chain wrestling, both guys getting in some offense. Drago with a chop, taunts DJZ's horn sound, and tags in Aerostar who flips around the ring a bunch. Everett comes in with a couple flips of his own, they shake hands, Aerostar gets thrown into the corner and he walks the ropes, slides to to outside and heads back in.


Everett with a hurricanrana, Aerostar with a kick to the midsection and brings Drago back in to work over Everett. DJZ gets blasted off the apron, Aerostar in and the two work on him until he can escape and bring DJZ back in. DJZ with a springboard double hip toss. DJZ with a top rope arm drag on Aerostar while also dropkicking Drago. Aerostar recovers and gets DJZ grounded. Drago in, clotheslines in the corner, kick to the head and DJZ gets launched out to the floor as we go to break.

Everett and Aerostar in the ring now, Everett with a standing moonsault, cover, Drago breaks it up. Drago lands a couple shots, knee to the head, powerbomb, and he heads up to the top and DJZ catches him. DJZ up top now and he hits a sunset flip powerbomb. Double springboard moonsaults, nobody home, Aerostar with double knees to DJZ. DJZ with and elbow, Everett with an ugly looking corkscrew moonsault off of DJZ's back. Everett with a springboard moonsault, taking out both DJZ (?) and Drago. Then Aerostar with step-up cross body that takes out all three guys. Taking out their own partners, makes total sense. All kinds of flippy moves going on now. DJZ with a jumping DDT, Everett with a 630 that crushes Aerostar, cover. 1-2-3.


Winners: Z&E via Pinfall to retain the Impact World Tag Titles

- In studio, Callis and Mathews look back at Yung's championship win on last week's show. LAX with King later tonight, also Brian Cage in action. Callis gives an update on the backstage attacker and that he has investigators and police looking into it. The two also look at Callihan and Edwards unsanctioned match. Callis says Impact management has said they don't want anything to do with it.

- Recap of the brutal rivalry between Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards, starting with Edwards getting smacked in the face with the baseball bat.

- Backstage, Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams argue backstage as Dutt wants to know if Williams was the backstage attacker. Williams can't believe Dutt would think it's him, Dutt tells him to chill out and go home.

- Look at last week's Knockouts title match between Yung and Allie. Yung would lock in the mandible claw and put Allie in a coffin to win the Last Rites match.

- GWN flashback of the week featuring Tommy Dreamer taking on Rob Van Dam. RVD would pick up the victory after five star frog splash.


- LAX Lair, Santana and Ortiz are playing games as Diamante returns and wonders what's going on with the money and Konnan. Diamante also finds it funny that King shows right when Konnan disappears, like he's the top guy now. King heads in and wonders how Diamante's knee is. She asks how Konnan is doing and is looking at King all funny. Ortiz and Santana head out for their match. He puts out his hand to Diamante and says for Konnan, she's skeptical, but fist bumps him and says yeah, for Konnan.

LAX (with King) vs. Cult of Lee

Santana and Ortiz stomp away on their opponents to get things started, they looked more amped up tonight as compared to the last couple weeks. Konley tries to fight both of them off, but Ortiz lifts Konley up and Santana hits a double stomp from the top rope. Lee is tagged it, but it doesn't matter as LAX continues their offensive dominance, Santana tries for a cover, two. Konley back in and gets immediately dropkicked. Lee with a blind tag and drops Santana over the top rope. Konley stomps Ortiz out on the floor as King checks on him.


Konley with a back leg sweep as Lee is tagged in. Santana tries to fight Lee off, but has no luck. Konley with a running forearm, tries for another, misses, but Lee lands a clothesline from the apron, cover, two-count. Santana with a rolling cutter on Lee, both men down, and both eventually tag out. Ortiz with some chops, back body drop, cannonball to Lee out on the floor. Ortiz with a cover, Konley reverses, Santana kicks him in the head, another pin, two. Konley with a back-fist on Ortiz, Lee hits a suplex, Konley with a cover, two. Ortiz dumps Lee, LAX assisted cutter lands on Konley, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: LAX via Pinfall

- Eli Drake out for his "Facts of Life" which will include Impact's top five dummies. The first is the fans of Impact and slaps the red button that says "Dummy! Yeah!" Next up is Austin Aries, followed by Impact management (Callis said "Well, that's a little stiff, Josh."). At number two is the fans again, which draws some boos and a number of chants. Drake then names the number one dummy, Moose. He then makes fun of Moose and taking away his case. Before he can get much more into it out comes Moose.


Moose says we all know he has the cheesiest lines in Impact, but he has also lost his tag titles and his world title match against Pentagon Jr. Moose says he's not just a dummy, but also a loser. Drake responses, "I don't need gold, because I am gold," and sucker punches Moose. Moose fires back, Drake with a lowblow, gravy train hits, and Drake throws the podium in the ring on Moose. The two will meet next week.

Rohit Raju vs. Brian Cage

Raju with some early taunting that does nothing but agitate Cage. Raju lands a few shots in the corner until Cage lands a big clotheslines that flips Rajo. Cage with a weapon x and we're already done here. Cage will meet Matt Sydal for the X Division Championship.

Winner: Brian Cage via Pinfall

- Post-match, Sydal heads out to the ring. Sydal gives Cage his props on his physical assets, but Sydal sees inner weakness in Cage. Sydal says he'll make Cage the strongest Cage ever if he stands by his side and forgoes their title match. Sydal says he'll open Cage's third eye (as he picks Cage's forehead) and Cage hits and F-5 on Sydal. He then lifts the X Division title for a moment before heading to the back.


- Edwards brings a cameraman with him as he drives out to the woods. He instructs the cameraman to film everything, even if Callihan dies. They leave the car and head into the woods.

- Josh Mathews talks with Impact World Championship Austin Aries via Skype. Aries is on a much needed vacation and Mathews asks Aries about who he prefers for a challenger. Aries doesn't really care, he'll beat either guy. Mathews talks about Aries' match against Pentagon Jr., and how he used a lowblow to help get him the title. Aries says "All I know is I'm sitting here World Champion, do you remember how Ric Flair won matches?" Aries says it doesn't matter how guys win matches, it's just about winning the match. Aries says he's in his comfort zone when he does things that others are uncomfortable doing. Mathews asks who Aries thinks will win next week's match, Aries says he'll go with Drake because he will do whatever is needed to be done to win the match. Moose doesn't have the mental strength to get pass Drake or himself.


- Vignette of Madison Rayne talking about returning to Impact and how initially it was light and fun as she looked to just join commentary. Once Tessa Blanchard continued to attack Kiera Hogan, Rayne felt like something needed to be done. Rayne says Blanchard is talented, but a brat. We see clips of Rayne getting the upset win on Blanchard on last week's show. Rayne says that after beating Tessa it gives him more of a drive to becoming a six-time knockouts champion.

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Tessa Blanchard who says she's a winner and is someone who makes things happen. Blanchard says a loser is someone who will try to relive the past like Rayne. Kiera Hogan shows up and wants to talk for a moment, but says about losing, angers Blanchard, and gets thrown into a bunch of chairs. Hogan fights back for a moment, but Blanchard ends up getting the best of her before a single security guy gets her to back off.

- Backstage, Moose is not happy and said Eli Drake f—– up and rather than just beating Drake next week, he's going to hurt Drake.


- In studio, Callis and Mathews preview Drake vs. Moose. Callis wondered if Moose could get to a level of being mad and if that's the case, that's not good news for Drake.

Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan in an unsanctioned fight in the woods

Edwards is out in the woods looking for Callihan. Jake Crist is laughing and yells "Everything!" and then disappears. Dave Crist is behind him recording with the creepy cam and runs off. Jake shows up again and gets slammed into a tree. Edwards grabs a branch and chokes out Jake. He stomps down on him and takes Jake's mask. Edwards goes back to the car and grabs a piece of wood. From out of the trunk comes Dave Crist still recording, but he ends up getting the trunk door dropped down on his back.

"Sami!" Edwards yells over and over. Callihan finally shows up, "Let's do this MF'er!" as the two charge at each other, Callihan gets smacked in the midsection. Callihan tries to hit Edwards, but gets dirt thrown in his face. Callihan runs off and then spears Edwards, digging at his eyes. Callihan picks up a skull and tries to impale Edwards against a tree. Edwards escape and swings some lumber at Callihan, but misses too.


Callihan get launched into a tree a few times and finally stays down. Edwards then gets a sharp edge and jabs it into Callihan's forehead, busting him open. Edwards is totally out of his mind at the moment and gives to finishes off Callihan, but a car shows up. Alisha and Tommy Dreamer try to calm him down, but Dreamer gets smacked in the midsection as Edwards goes off to look for Callihan.