Impact Wrestling Results (6/21): Pentagon Jr. In Action, Who Is Killer Kross?, Valkyrie Vs. Rayne

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- Show stars with an "In Memory of" for Vader.

- Look back at last week's number one contender match where Moose defeated Eli Drake and will now face Austin Aries for the Impact World Championship at Slammiversary.

Z&E vs. LAX with King (Impact World Tag Team Championship)

The two teams start fighting on the ramp and outside the ring. Ortiz throws a chair at DJZ. The continue to fight on the floor until Everett and Santana get into the ring. Match officially starts and Everett with a fosbury flop to the outside to drop Ortiz. DJZ goes up top and hits a crossbody. Back in the ring Z&E land stereo superkicks on Santana, cover, two. DJZ is tagged in, but Santana goes to work on him until Everett gets the blind tag and hits a springboard dropkick. Cover, Ortiz breaks it up.

Santana with a couple chops, power slam. Ortiz tags in, sunset flip, cover, two. Lots of tags in this one with LAX coming in and out as they go to work on Everett. Santana with a double stomp on Everett's arm and them smacks DJZ off the apron. Ortiz with a northern lights suplex, Santana gets a hold of Everett tries for a release suplex, Everett lands on his feet and gets a window to tag in DJZ and he does. DJZ with double elbows on LAX, looks for double DDT, no, gets beat up and dropped to the mat. Lots of high flippy stuff from Everett, DJZ goes for a cover among the madness, two-count as we go to break.

LAX going to work on DJZ, Santana leaps off Ortiz's back and cannonballs on DJZ. Santana with a crossbody off the top rope on Everett. More crazy flips by Z&E, ending with Everett hitting a toe-touch moonsault. Everett heads back up, Santana yanks DJZ to the floor, superkick. Everett goes for a massive flip, misses, LAX with the street sweeper, cover, and that will do it. New champs!

Winners: LAX via Pinfall to win the Impact World Tag Team Championship

- Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs with Kongo Kong. Jacobs says for months Brian Cage just comes and goes without consequences and does whatever he feels like. That doesn't sit well with "The Princess." He wants to show the world that the machine is no match for the monster.

- Later tonight: oVe vs. Fantasma and Pentagon Jr. Also, Madison Rayne vs. Taya Valkyrie.

- We see highlights from the last couple weeks of KM trying to make Fallah Bahh successful through dressing better and working out. Last week, Bahh was blinded during the match, mistakenly took down KM, and they lost the match. After the match, KM yelled at Bahh and threw him to the mat.

- KM out to the ring, gets a mic and tells Bahh he tried to help him out, but it doesn't work out. KM says when he's in the ring, the ratings go up. KM says the company should be called KM Impact Wrestling. He says everything is about him and he was trying to make it about him too, but it didn't work out. He calls out KM. A serious Bahh heads out to the ring. He looks at the crowd and then pulls a note out of his pants. He waves "Bahh Bahh!" and leaves the ring. KM reads the note, "KM, you say you friend. Bahh. But you still act bully . Bahh. You need to grow up. Bahh. You no fight Bahh. You fight wrestler who stand by Bahh. Yes or no, no, no?" KM says to come on out, and says to bring Bahh's fat ass friend, Richard Justice, down to the ring. Well, it's not Justice, it's Scott Steiner!

KM vs. Scott Steiner

KM gets the jump on Steiner as he gets in the ring, Steiner ducks a clotheslines, hits an overhead belly-to-belly. Steiner continues to go to work on KM, hits another suplex. KM tries to go up top and Steiner stops him. Steiner plants KM right into the canvas from the top rope. Steiner says "It's over!" and locks in the steiner recliner. KM ends up tapping out.

Winner: Scott Steiner via Submission

- A look at the Slammiversary Press Conference held in Toronto. Moose says he's worked his entire life to get to prepared for a moment like this. Moose says he respects the champion now, but that respect will go away on July 22. Aries shows up and says he's going to merge the World and Grand Championships. Aries says despite being busy, he couldn't pass up matching verbal wits with Moose. Aries notes the only thing Moose has on his resume is former NFL player and notes all of his own championship titles in wrestling.

- Eddie Edwards drives back to Boston, Massachusetts, crashing into some recycling bins. He pounds on the door, but nobody will answer. He yells for his wife and eventually ends up busting through the door. Inside the house he kicks in a door or two, but nobody looks to be home. He heads upstairs, still nobody. Edwards looks in a mirror and sees Sami Callihan (he's not really there) give him a thumbs down. Edwards has a bunch of flashbacks to the fight in the woods where Tommy Dreamer got involved. He loses it and yells "you did this!" over and over as he breaks a mirror and look at the broken pieces.

- Crazy Cam, Sami Callihan with the Crist Brothers. Callihan says Pentagon Jr. shouldn't get into their business last week and says they are going to make an example out of him. Callihan continues they aren't scared and his boys are going to take care of Pentagon and Fantasma later tonight because they are taking over everything...everything!...everything!

Taya Valkyrie vs. Madison Rayne

Su Yung is apparently watching this match from the rafters as we see Rayne hit a hurricanrana on Taya. Taya throws her into the bottom rope and hits double knees to her back. Couple kicks to the back and she chokes Rayne over the bottom before launching her across the ring. Taya continues beat up Rayne, strikes in the corner, running elbow and Taya sits Rayne up on the top rope.

Taya taunting a bit, gets kicked, and Rayne hits a tornado DDT. Rayne with a chop forearms, cutter, cover, two-count. Rayne looks for another hurricanrana, Taya stops her and hits a back breaker. Hip attack in the corner, double knees, pin, two-count. Taya showing some frustration. Rayne tries for a nothern lights suplex, no, gets stomped down into the mat. Cover, two, and Taya brings her right back up, "Why won't you just die!" Rayne with a step-up enziguri, hits her finish (cross-rayne instead of cross rhodes), cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie via Pinfall

- Post-match, Rayne gets on the mic and says it's always great to come back to Impact. She said this time when she came back to Impact, she had no intention of returning to the ring, but sometimes moments need to be capitalized on. She was told if she beat Taya should would get a shot at the Impact Knockouts Championship. Madison says she will slay the champion and become the new champion. The lights go down and we hear some very weird laughing as Rayne heads to the back.

- LAX Lair, the group celebrates in the back with their newly won titles. The King is taking selfies with the group and suddenly Konnan show up with a very serious look on his face. He wants to speak with King. Konnan says a lot of things don't make sense to him and wonders what King knows about what happened to him. He asks where Homicide is, King is kind of acting shady, but says he's doing his thing. King wonders if Konnan thinks he a suspect and Konnan says maybe. Konnan says if he finds out King has anything to do with what happened to him, King better jump into an alternate universe because Konnan will still find him. Konnan isn't in the mood to party with the group and stares at King as he heads off.

- The mystery attacker, Killer Kross, talks about fear. Kross says a lot of people were asking "Why?" about his attacks and he says "Why not?" People need to have some nicely framed narrative, but he says forget that, there is only mayhem. He thinks more people show exercise a lot more fear. Kross says he wants to dive bomb the wrestling industry on its head because he is the new beginning.

- Vignette for the Desi Hit Squad, who will make their debut on next week's show.

- GWN Flashback Moment of the Week, Sonjay Dutt takes on Low Ki during Impact's tour of India. Dutt would become the new Impact X Division Champion via Pinfall.

oVe with Sami Callihan vs. Pentagon Jr. and El Hijo del Fantasma

Fantasma and Pentagon go to work early as they go to work on oVe. Pentagon taunts Callihan a bit on the outside. Jake gets his shirt ripped open as Pentagon chops him hard across the chest. Crowd wants it one more time. Pentagon ends up whipping him to the corner, Fantasma with a running knee as Jake rolls to the outside, Fantasma with an arrow from the depths of hell on Jake. Pentagon lands some heavy kicks on Dave as Fantasma stomps on Jake's fingers.

Jake and Dave really getting beat up on the outside, but Sami smacks Fantasma's leg with the bat as the referee was distracted. Jake instantly locks in an single leg boston crab as he does his best impression of Chris Jericho's "Ask him! Ask him!" Dave tags in and kicks Fantasma's leg. He taunts Pentagon a bit and continues to kick away at Fantasma's leg as we head to break.

Callihan sits on a chair on the outside as Dave and Jake continue to work Fantasma's leg. He tries to fight back, but has little luck as they just won't let up on his injured leg. Fantasma finally gets a window and tags in Pentagon who goes to work on both opponents. Kick to Jake's head, superkick to Dave. Dave tries for a superkick and nails his brother instead. Jake with a boot on Pentagon, Fantasma rocks Jake with a kick, Dave sits Fantasma up on the top turnbuckle, powerbomb/suplex on Fantasma who ends up rolling to the outside. Pentagon rushes in and gets sent into the corner, dodges Dave, Jake ends up kicking Dave. Pentagon then hits an overhead suplex sending Jake into Dave. Pentagon driver on Jake, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Pentagon Jr. and El Hijo del Fantasma via Pinfall

- Post-match, Callihan jumps in the ring and attacks Pentagon with his bat. He smacks Fantasma back to the floor and looks hammer Pentagon, but gets kicked between the legs. Pentagon looks to snap Jake's arm, Callihan whacks him with the bat and chokes Pentagon with the bat. He smacks Pentagon again and is trying to tear the mask off Pentagon. They don't quite it as Fantasma rushes in with a chair. The group bails as Fantasma tosses the chair down at them.


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