Impact Wrestling Results (6/28): Tessa Blanchard Vs. Madison Rayne, Rich Swann Debuts, Sami Callihan

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- Tonight's taping is from Windsor, Ontario.

- Recap of last week's show featuring LAX winning back the Impact World Tag Team Titles from Z&E, the return of Konnan, Eddie Edwards going a little more insane, Cage/Kongo, Rayne announcing her shot to go after the Impact Knockouts Championship against Su Yung at Slammiversary, Killer Kross explaining his attacks, and Sami Callihan attacking Pentagon Jr.

- Madison Rayne out to open the show. Rayne says she was originally back to just provide commentary, but things change quickly in this business and is now back in the ring. Rayne says she's here to create moments and will continued to do so at Slammiversary against the Impact Knockouts Champion Su Yung. She continues about how Yung has been quite a force removing both Rosemary and Allie in the past week. Rayne talks about how she tells her daughter not to be afraid of monsters and she wants to show her daughter that her Mom isn't either. As Rayne talks directly to Yung, out comes Tessa Blanchard.

Blanchard says it's hilarious that Rayne is competing for the title at Slammiversary - maybe mother of the year - but not for the title. Blanchard says that Rayne isn't the best here, it's not 2011. Blanchard says she is the diamond of professional wrestling and goes on and on about being a third generation wrestler. Rayne cuts her off and says we all know who Blanchard is. Rayne then reminds Blanchard that she got pinned by Rayne at Under Pressure. The lights go crazy as Yung laughs and screams, but is nowhere to be found. As Blanchard and Rayne look around, Blanchard cheap shots Rayne and yells at her.

Rich Swann vs. Trevor Lee

This is Swann's debut match with Impact. Some back and forth taunting with the crowd booing Lee and cheering Swann. Lee looks for test of strength, Swann keeps switching hands until he gets Lee to start dancing. Lee ends up getting bounced to the floor, Swann with some more taunting as we head to break. Action back in the ring, Swann with a big kick to Lee's back. Crowd with a "Swann!" chant. Lee ends up lifting and dropping Swann down on the top rope. Lee with kick, sends Swann hard into the corner, cover, two-count.

Back and forth strikes, Lee with an uppercut, big back body drop, does some posing to a chorus of boos. Lee drops the knee over Swann's face, stomp to the face. Lee back up and tries to fight back, but gets shoved back to the corner. Commentary saying tonight's main event will be Tessa Blanchard vs. Madison Rayne. Lee runs over Swann, goes for a cover, two-count. We see a random graphic of a silhouette of a woman in the corner (all red with sparks around her) and a "Coming Soon." Swann with a crazy phoenix splash down to the floor, taking out Lee.

Back in the ring, Swann with a big splash, cover, two. Swann up to the top rope, jumps, rolls through, Lee with a jumping double stomp, cover, two! Swann tries to fire back, walks into a big strike. Lee looks to lift and flip Lee, but it's countered, reverse rana by Swann. He heads up top with a nice phoenix splash, cover, 1-2-3. Crowd enjoyed that one.

Winner: Rich Swann via Pinfall

- We go to a PCW Ultra event where Sami Callihan attacked Pentagon Jr. (in a steel cage) with a baseball bat. He takes out the referee and calls in Dave/Jake Crist who then attack Pentagon. Callihan looks to take off Pentagon's mask (crowd boos heavily) and ends up taking off it as Pentagon quickly drops to the mat to cover his face.

- In studio with Josh Mathews and Don Callis. Callis says Callihan has stolen the mask from Pentagon and has obviously offended the lucha libre tradition by removing a wrestler's mask.

- GWN Flashback Moment of the Week featuring a match between Abyss vs. Sean Waltman vs. Raven vs. Monty Brown vs. AJ Styles in a King of the Mountain match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at Slammiversary in 2005. Raven would go on to win the match.

- Debut of the Desi Hit Squad up next.

- Backstage, Katarina sneaks up on Grado and tells him she has a match next week. Grado can't believe, she says she's a wrestler and apparently he didn't know she was a 2-time Knockouts Champion. "It was a different season," Katarina she responds (she was known as Winter back in the day).

- Gama Singh introduces the Desi Hit Squad as they make their debut for Impact.

Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju and Bhupinder Singh) vs. Z&E

Everett and Raju get us started with some back and forth striking, Everett gets the best of Rohit. DJZ is tagged in, stereo dropkicks, cover, two. DJZ with a nice springboard double elbow. Crowd really into Z&E. DJZ dives to the outside, but is caught. Everett tries to help out, baseball slides to the floor and misses everyone. Hit Squad throws DJZ at his partner.

Action back in the ring with Raju and Singh landing a number of attacks. Singh in there with DJZ, couple strikes, both Singh and Raju gets sent to the floor, Everett with a springboard twisting flip, taking out both guys. Everett tosses Singh back in, springboard spinning heel kick, cover, Raju quickly breaks that up. All four men in the ring now as Raju hits a nice leg sweep on DJZ. Singh with an enziguri, knee by Raju, sky-high by Singh, pin, two. Z&E look to have this match, toe-touch moonsault by Everett, pin, but Gama Singh gets up and distracts the referee. Singh with a roll-up (with the tights) to get the cheap victory.

Winners: Desi Hit Squad via Pinfall

- Pentagon Jr. with a challenge to Sami Callihan. He says how about on July 22 at Slammiversay a Mask vs. Hair match.

- Moose talks about his upbringing in a rough area and how he got into football in high school. He continues about playing for Syracuse and being drafted by the Atlanta Falcons as we see a lot of clips from his past. Moose talked about losing his love for football and starting his journey as a pro wrestler. They show photos of him with Kazuchika Okada and AJ Styles. Moose says wrestling is something he wanted to do as a kid, where football was something he stumbled on and was just good at. Talks some trash about his ex never supporting his move to wrestling, unlike his Mother, who was always by his side. Moose will take on Austin Aries for the Impact World Championship at Slammiversary.

- We head to a House of Hardcore show where Eddie Edwards cracks Tommy Dreamer over the head a couple times with a kendo stick, busting him open. Edwards jabs Dreamer's forehead with a part of the kendo stick and rubs some of Dreamer's blood over his face. It's fair to say Edwards is completely unhinged at this point. He then chokes Dream with the same weapon and lays him out in the middle of the ring as Edwards strolls to the back. Outside the building, Moose follows Edwards and asks him what all that was about. He tries to talk some sense into Edwards but Eddie just responds, "Leave me the f--- alone!" and walks off.

- LAX Lair, Ortiz and Santana head in to talk with The King who is in a great mood. In rolls Konnan, who goes right after King, King tells him to make a move if he's got a problem. King says he's the one that helped out Ortiz and Santana while Konnan was in a hospital bed. King ends up leaving. Ortiz and Santana think things are good now, but Konnan says he's not fooled by King and that it's not a coincidence that when he disappeared King showed up. Ortiz and Santana need time to think.

Dezmond Xavier vs. Impact X Division Champion Matt Sydal (Non-Title Match)

Xavier lands some strikes that send Sydals to the floor. Xavier looks to fly, but Sydal disappears, he pops up on a different side of the ring and gets some control of this match. Chop in the corner, but Xavier hits him a clothesline and hits a bunch of punches in the corner. Sydal with a couple kicks to Xavier's leg, dragon screw leg whip, single leg boston crab on Xavier as Sydal continues to focus on Xavier's leg.

Sydal tells Xavier, "I can help you open your third eye. Let me help you, I believe in you!" Xavier punches him. Sydal goes back to that injured leg. Xavier fires back with some strikes, snap mare, dropkick to Sydal's back as Sydal goes to the floor. Xavier with a big flip over the top rope and takes out Sydal on the floor. Xavier continues to sell that leg injury as he tosses Sydal back into the ring. Xavier heads to the top rope, Sydal pushes the Referee into the ropes, Xavier down, Sydal with his pump handle package driver, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Matt Sydal via Pinfall

- Post-Match, Brian Cage heads out to the ring, but Kongo Kong (with Jimmy Jacobs) stops him from getting to close. Kongo swings away, tosses Cage into the ring, but Cage kicks Kongo in the head. Sydal then smacks Cage with the title. Jacobs and Sydal bow to each other as Kongo heads up to the top rope and hits a massive splash on Cage.

- Creepy Cam, Sami Callihan says he doesn't even have to think about Pentagon's challenge, he accepted. He continues that Pentagon might have everyone running scared, but Callihan isn't one of them. He puts over his hair and how it has been there through everything in his professional and personal career. He says Pentagon will walk around in shame when he loses that mask. Thumbs up! Thumb down!

- Backstage Interviewer Alicia Atout makes her debut with Impact World Champion Austin Aries. The Champion is not impressed with Moose's journey, he says everybody has does that, even himself. He continues that the big difference between Moose and his is that he didn't fail. Next week, we'll hear more of Aries' story as we get closer to their PPV title match.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Madison Rayne

Blanchard had some issues early on and headed out to the floor for a moment. Since then she has had total control of this match taking down Rayne with some heavy strikes, looks for a cover, two-count. Snap mare, kick to the back, cover, two. Blanchard stretching Rayne out, looks for a suplex, but Rayne counters into a pin, two.

Blanchard with a quick strike, delayed vertical suplex, pin, two-count. She's already getting frustrated at not being able to put Rayne away and heads up to the top rope. Blanchard jumps, rolls through, Rayne lands a step-up enziguri, hurricanrana, clotheslines in the corner, sliding clothesline, cover, two. Blanchard back up and plants Rayne to the mat, tries for yet another cover, 1-2-no.

Rayne trying to fight back, hits a spear. Rayne with a boot to the head. Blanchard lands a number of kicks to Rayn's midsection. Referee tries to push Blanchard back, she blows by the referee to get at Rayne who hits a quick cruifix bomb for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Madison Rayne via Pinfall

- Post-match, Blanchard instantly attacks her opponent and swings away at her. Blanchard heads to the outside, grabs a chair, looks to swing it and out comes Su Yung. Blanchard stops to watch her (and Yung's undead brides head out). The brides swing away on Rayne, Yung looks to finish her off and Allie runs out to make the save. She ends up clearing the ring as Yung retreats.


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