Jack Swagger On Why The 'We The People' Gimmick Was Cut Short

Former WWE superstar Jake Hager, better known as Jack Swagger, recently spoke with Andy Malnoske of Wrestling Inc., Hager, who is now a Mixed Martial Artist signed to Bellator MMA, discussed one of the more controversial points of his WWE career, the "We the People" gimmick.


Alongside his manager Zeb Colter, Hager began using the Real Americans gimmick in 2013 and they would spew anti-immigration beliefs while claiming to be great Americans. The controversial character got Hager over as a top heel in the company, but it was met with criticism from mainstream news outlets. The gimmick was eventually toned down and "We the People" remained a popular trademark, especially when Hager became a babyface.

Hager said he believes the gimmick was cut short because it was derived from real-life problems, which is why it generated such a strong reaction from wrestling fans. He said it eventually evolved and fans embraced it to make it their own.

"It was definitely cut short but it's one of things where it is not my company. I think 'We the People' is an example of why pro wrestling is so cool because it was a storyline that started out very political and very controversial and very nasty," Hager said. "It really evolved into a movement of the people, not just American people, but people everywhere. Our fans around the world still say it and they have taken it to make it their own. It is more of that universe than it is mine. I am just happy to be part of it. It's just cool because you can do something in pro wrestling and have it evolve and just watch it transgress it's pretty cool."


When asked about a dream match in the WWE he would like to have Hager gave an interesting answer. He likely shares an inside joke with the superstar he named.

"If I can make someone tap out with my ankle lock it would be Sasha Banks," he said. "Sasha, you got it coming!"

As for his immediate future, Hager said he's focused on MMA training and his family. He revealed that his wife Catalina is planning on joining the world of professional wrestling.

"Right now I am pretty focused on training and being a dad, and hanging out with my children as much as possible. Trying to be the best husband possible to my beautiful wife. I can't say that enough how much Catalina Swagger is. I can't say that enough," he said. "She is going to be wrestling with me and I think that is one of the most exciting things coming up, that I will be able to work with her. She is not here today. She starts Valeting. I don't want to say this on camera, but she is kind of like the new Zeb Colter 2.0 without the beard."

You can watch the full interview in the video above.

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.