Jay White Talks How He's Preparing For His First G1 Climax

The round-robin G1 Climax is a very big deal in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Jay White is preparing for his first outing in the world-famous tournament. The big problem is as White prepares to square off against some of New Japan's best athletes he has other things to worry about in the meantime.


Jay White is set to defend his IWGP United States Championship against Juice Robinson at the G1 Special in San Francisco on July 7th. Since arriving in NJPW, White has created an impressive track record for himself but he has a lot on his plate in the very near future.

White's journey in pro wrestling is an illustration that you never know what can happen next in life. Finn Balor was instrumental in helping him take the crucial first step into New Japan. After a hiatus abroad while he toured the USA in 2016, White returned to NJPW with a brand new focus in his Switchblade persona. Now he is the IWGP United States Champion but he's not done yet.

Since White is so incredibly busy he doesn't have much time to specifically prepare for the G1 Climax Tournament. Switchblade is doing what he can though in the meantime with what little time he does have.


Both Jay White and Hangman Page are experiencing their first outing in the grueling G1 Climax Tournament this year. I asked White during a recent media call if there was any preperation he was doing to prepare for his first outing in the G1 Climax.

"In terms of preparation we're on tour at the moment," White said. "If anything I don't have the chance to prepare because I go home for two and a half days and I fly over for two Strong Style Evolved events in the UK. I'll get home for another two and a half days and I fly straight to San Fransisco [for the G1 Special at the Cow Palace]. Then I get home for another two and a half, three days and I go to the G1."

"A lot of those breaks is just going to be recovering," the IWGP United States Champion continued. "I just need to get some food in me and some good training do what I can. But it's not like I've got a month off. I'm not doing any kind of crazy cardio leading up to it I'm just trying to keep my body in healthy shape until then."

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