Joe Koff Discusses ROH's Goal To Bring In Talent Through The ROH Dojo

Ring Of Honor is quickly spreading their reach as they utilize the amazing resources provided to them by Sinclair Broadcasting. The company introduced the Women Of Honor Championship recently and their Honor Club streaming service is up and running as well. It seems ROH could be approaching the next phase in the company's evolution as the rise of indie wrestling continues.

ROH fans are anxiously awaiting the Best In The World pay-per-view this Friday where they will see the top names in ROH compete, but the company is also going through efforts to make sure they have plenty of new stars to come as the ROH Dojo continues in its second semester.

ROH Chief Operating Officer Joe Koff recently took part in a media call where I had the opportunity to ask him what the long-term goals are for the ROH Dojo. He sees it is a valuable resource that could become an excellent feeder program as new pro wrestlers learn ROH's style and are ushered in front of masses. Koff also said they are thinking much more short-term at the present moment as the ROH Dojo continues to provide excellent training for ROH hopefuls.

"I'd like to look ten years ahead but I think we'll just focus on the next twelve to eighteen months," Joe Koff replied. "What I'm hoping for what our expectation is identifying talent that we can bring pretty quickly to over the air TV or our digital network." He said some matches would be available through Honor Club or their YouTube channel with greener talents, but that would still provide them with priceless exposure at the same time.

"We're just looking to just bring talent through. Identify them from their local promotions or other places give them training and give them the opportunities. Understand the Ring Of Honor brand, understand the Ring Of Honor style so they get better before they're seen in the bigger matches on TV or pay-per-view."

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