Juice Robinson On If He Ever Plans On Leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling

Juice Robinson spent some time in WWE's developmental territory and saw a lot of people come and go while he learned his craft. Things eventually came to a crossroads for Robinson and he left NXT for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Robinson recently participated in a media call where he discussed how former NXT Head Coach Bill DeMott helped him get a look from New Japan and it helped spark a transition of taking a chance on himself and jumping to NJPW. Since then Juice hasn't looked back but he's very happy it all seemed to work out for him.

"I was just talking about this with Kevin [Owens]," Juice Robinson said when asked about his future career goals. "Man, you fast-forward three years and everything turned out how I hoped they could. I was fingers crossed I would land on my feet when I left WWE and damn, I did thank goodness because that would have sucked if it didn't."

"I knew it would, I just knew in my heart it would I knew [NXT] wasn't working for me and I'd rather die trying than stay there any longer."

Robinson has a lot to be proud of because he's impressed plenty of fans since arriving in New Japan. He might not have won any titles yet but all that could change when he faces Jay White at the Cow Palace on July 7th as he competes for the IWGP United States Title.

Robinson continued as he discussed his future career goals and from the sounds of it, he has no interest in returning to WWE. If anything, Juice plans on sticking with NJPW until the day he retires and even afterward.

"As far as the rest of my goals I'm twenty-nine right now, I think I can wrestle -- I know I can wrestle for another ten years barring any injury... any kind of severe injury but I think I could stay here for another fifteen years and then I could go help the young lions once I get a little older in my forties I can come over here every once and awhile and help the new kids come along and then who knows? Maybe I'll be a part of the LA Dojo one day in twenty years or longer? New Japan, I wanna work here for the rest of my wrestling career for sure."

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