Kazuchika Okada On The Key To Defeating Kenny Omega At NJPW Dominion

Kazuchika Okada spoke with NJPW before his upcoming IWGP Heavyweight Championship match against Kenny Omega at NJPW Dominion. Be sure to join Wrestling Inc. for complete live coverage (full card here) beginning early Saturday at 3am ET. Here are some of the highlights:


If he thought he'd defend his title against Kenny Omega again:

"Yes, I had a feeling we'd meet at Osaka-Jo Hall again. This will be my third defense against Kenny, I don't like having that draw on record. It counts as a defense, but a draw result doesn't sit well with me. And I lost to him in the G1 last year, also. Now is the time to unveil an even more dominant champion. ... In order to show this dominant champion, I have to beat the strongest challenger."

How he will work the first-ever two out of three falls/no time limit IWGP Heavyweight Championship match:

"I guess last year's match was a rare case, a 60-minute draw, but I would have kept fighting past 60 minutes. What's bothering me is that we ended in a draw, that's the only thing I want to rectify. So, I suggested we just keep fighting until one us finishes the other. I'm looking forward to it, strategy is paramount. If I exhaust one-hundred percent of my stamina on the first fall, then there's no way I can win. Should I go 50/50 or 40/40/20? Pacing will be key here. I need to plan it out."


How he hopes fans experience his match at Dominion:

"This is different, best of three falls. I don't know if it will be two straight falls or go to three falls. I want fans to enjoy all of it, as it won't end quickly. That's what I want."

You can check out the full interview (with English subtitles) by clicking here.

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