Kevin Owens Gets A Huge Surprise From Shania Twain In Concert

Kevin Owens is a big fan of country music singer Shania Twain and made it his mission to ensure she played her song 'When' during the Montreal concert he planned on attending. Tuesday night was the big night for KO and it looks like he got more than his money's worth out of the concert.

Shania was in the middle of her concert when she brought a superfan to the stage when she noticed his handmade sign. Twain asked the fan what his name was and he replied: "Kevin Owens from Montreal." They had a funny back-and-forth before Twain brought The Prizefighter on stage with her.

After Kevin Owens told the multi-platinum recording artist what his name was she asked him if he was the 'annoying fan from Twitter.' Of course, Owens wasn't the only fan sending Twain song requests on Twitter but he certainly made himself known by requesting 'When' so many times.

Owens admitted he did send her a couple messages on social media but it was the WWE Universe who created all the buzz. After all, Owens just wanted to hear her perform, 'When.' After they exchanged a few words in French they concluded the little bit on stage, but Shania didn't sing 'When' claiming she didn't want to forget the words.

Before Owens left he helped Shania Twain sit on top of a piano by using his knee as a step, he bowed to her and then exited the stage.


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