Kevin Owens Makes A Very Public Song Request To Shania Twain

When Kevin Owens was fired a couple of months ago he changed his name back to Kevin Steen on Twitter and lost his verification. In the process, Owens lost his blue checkmark on the social media site.

A couple of weeks ago, Kevin Owens got his verfication checkmark back. However, he was quick to let fans know he got his status back on Twitter for a totally different reason other than anything that had to do with being a WWE Superstar.


Upon receiving his blue checkmark once again from the fine folks at the Twitter Verification team, Owens quickly changed his profile description to say: "I got verified again so that I can beg Shania Twain to play my favorite song 'When' at her concert this summer in Montreal because I'll be there. I'm serious."

It turns out that he was completely serious because Owens followed up on his promise by making a song request to the famous country music singer in a very public way.

KO wrote that he plans on seeing Shania Twain in Montreal tonight although the singer's website doesn't seem to list another concert until June 25 in Ottawa and she'll be in Montreal on the 26th. However, Owens still threw out his request to hear "When" from Twain whenever he might be seeing her perform live.


"Hello, Shania Twain! I'm Kevin. I'm a WWE wrestler and fellow Canadian. I had quite a rough couple of days. I was thrown off a very tall ladder by an awful man. I'm really hurting... What would make me feel better is hearing you sing 'When' at your concert in Montreal tonight," Owens said proving it is possible to be amusing while making a song request.

The Prizefighter followed up his initial tweet by saying: "By the way, I'm sorry that my tweet will now probably get you bombarded all day by WWE fans asking you to play 'When' tonight but my awesome wife surprised me with tickets for your concert and I really want to hear it live. It's my favourite."


Apparently, Kevin Owens must have checked his calendar and realized he was a week ahead in time. Owens soon tweeted out that the concert is in fact, not tonight as he previously said. But he still wants to hear Shania Twain sing "When" in a very bad way.