Last week’s season four premiere of Lucha Underground featured an Aztec Warfare Match that lasted the entire episode. In the end, Pentagon Dark emerged victorious with his Lucha Underground Championship held high.

Dario Cueto is dead and his father Antonio is now in charge. He might be played by the same actor but Antonio is very different from his son. During the conclusion of last week’s episode, Antonio congratulated Pentagon Dark for his victory and announced he will defend his championship against Matanza Cueto on this week’s episode.

Opening Segment

Catrina appeared out of thin air and unveiled the case where the Gauntlet Of The Gods is supposed to be but it was missing. King Cuerno said he has hidden the Gauntlet Of The Gods because even he knows some trophies are too dangerous to display. He can’t let someone strike down the seven Aztec tribes. He said he gave it to someone for safekeeping and he doesn’t know where or when he hid it.

Catrina says she needs the Gauntlet to become human again and King Cuerno says he doesn’t care about her problem.

The Mack, Killshot, & Son Of Havoc vs Infamous Inc – Trios Championship Match
Famous B came out and said announcer Melissa Santos doesn’t have all of the facts when she announced the members of Infamous Inc. He said Dr. Wagner and Texano are busy making money for him in Mexico so Infamous Inc is getting a fresh coat of paint with three new clients: Big Bad Steve, Sammy Guevara, and Jake Strong (Jack Swagger).

This was a very fast-paced match which is typical in trios matches like this. Sammy Guevara and Killshot started things out, Guevara put a middle finger in Killshot’s face and he ate a backhand for it. Then Son Of Havoc took the tag to wrestle with Sammy who hit Havoc with a nice dropkick before Big Bad Steve got the tag to take over.

Jake Strong took a tag next and ended up outside where Killshot hit a knee from the apron then Guevara landed a kick to take Killshot off the apron followed by a suicide dive from Son Of Havoc to Sammy Guevara.

The match continued until Strong caught Killshot in the air and put him in the ankle lock. Killshot tapped out but the referee was distracted. The Mack hit Strong with a boot to the face and Big Bad Steve got the tag. Steve took a stunner from The Mack and a shooting star press from Son Of Havoc for the win.

Winners: Son Of Havoc, The Mack, & Killshot to retain the Trios Championship

After the match was over, Jake Strong went back in the ring and destroyed his partners including Famous B who ended up in an ankle lock to end the segment.

Antonio Cueto came out and said one of his son’s concepts was brilliant: The Gift Of The Gods. Then he announced they were starting the process to crown a new Gift Of The Gods Champion. They started with the first medallion which was on the line in the next match

Drago vs Dragon Azteca Jr

Drago offered a handshake and when Azteca went to shake his hand, he received a boot to the gut. The two traded some back and forth offense and were pretty evenly matched in the beginning.

Cobra Moon provided a distraction on Dragon Azteca Jr for a moment and then the two continued until Azteca ended up outside of the ring and Drago hit a dive to the floor. Once they returned inside, the two ended up on the top rope and Drago started to untie Azteca’s mask. He exposed Azteca’s face and kicked him.

Azteca got his mask back on and was able to move out of the way from a splash and then he maintained control for a bit scoring a couple near falls in the process as the crowd cheered him on.

As the match continued, Drago gained control once again hitting a blockbuster/DDT in the process for a near fall. Then Drago was caught on the top rope and Azteca hit him with a flipping pinning bomb and while he kept Drago’s legs crossed and was able to secure the pinfall.

Winner: Dragon Azteca Jr

Johnny Mundo showed up after the match and distracted Cobra Moon so Taya Valkyrie could hit a spear on her.

Antonio Cueto was backstage in his Icehouse office when Catrina showed up out of thin air again. She is still stuck in between earth and the spirit realm. She desires Fenix in a coffin. So she convinced Cueto to book a Grave Consequences match with Fenix and Mil Muertes next week.

Pentagon Dark vs Matanza Cueto – Lucha Underground Title Match

Pentagon met Matanza on the outside as he made his way to the ring and the two brawled outside for a bit. Matanza took a bump into some chairs and Pentagon Dark stalked him a little before tossing Cueto into the railing. Pentagon propped Matanza against the ring post and unzipped his jumpsuit for a propper clop that echoed throughout The Temple as Antonio Cueto looked on to watch his son’s match.

Matanza turned things around and Pentagon Dark took some bumps into various things around the ring and then he took a bump on the apron before finally making it into the ring for the first time in this match.

Cueto picked up Pentagon Dark and leveled him for a two count then he waited for Penta to get back up before heaving him across the ring once again for another near fall.

Pentagon nailed a sling blade to turn this match around for himself. Then Penta nailed a kick to the hamstring before Matanza reversed out of a package piledriver. But Penta reversed Cueto once again to hit codebreaker for another near fall. Matanza hit a clothesline in the corner but Penta caught him with a kick when he went for a second one.

Pentagon Dark nailed shining wizard and climbed to the top turnbuckle but Matanza met him on top and the two fought for position. Cueto was knocked down and Pentagon Dark nailed him with a flipping piledriver and a package piledriver for the win.

Winner: Pentagon Dark

After the match was over, Pentagon Dark was about to break Matanza’s arm but Antonio Cueto came out with the key and he muscled out of Penta’s hold. As Matanza left with his father, Antonio called his son worthless.

Later on, in Antonio Cueto’s office, Jeremiah Crane walked in and wanted to be inserted into next week’s Grave Consequences Match so Antonio made it happen for him.