Maria Kanellis Backstage At Money In The Bank (Photo)

The WWE Universe was excited to see Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis debut for the company and after a long wait, the couple finally appeared at Money In The Bank 2017 as Mike and Maria Kanellis. Mike changed his last name to his wife's for extra heat from the crowd and soon everyone would know what the Power Of Love was all about.

After cutting a little promo at last year's Money In The Bank pay-per-view event, they exited backstage and some could say it went downhill from there for Mike Kanellis. He was soon losing on a regular basis and even taking the pinfall in tag matches when he didn't really need to. It was apparent WWE didn't see him as the star his power ballad entrance music might have painted him to be.

A lot has happened since last year for the Kanellis Family. Not only is Mike now approaching one-year of sobriety but they also celebrated the birth of the couple's daughter Freddie Moon. Maria was taken off the road when it was announced she was with child and since then Mike has needed to do whatever he can in the meantime. It didn't leave Mike in the best position when Maria had to take a maternity sabbatical but he is still working house shows and doing everything he can as a WWE Superstar without being in a current storyline.

Since Money In The Bank fell on Fathers' Day this year and the event holds such a special place in the Kanellis' hearts Maria and Freddie Moon stopped by to visit Mike at work. Only time will tell how long it will be until Maria Kanellis comes back to work but she's working hard to get back in shape.

"One year after our debut... Happy Father's Day!! Freddie is getting ready to stick her tongue out," Maria wrote in an Instagram post with the three of them backstage at the Allstate Arena. Although Mike wasn't booked this year for Money In The Bank it was still looked like a special night for all of them.


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