Meet The New WWE UK GM (Video), Stephanie McMahon - Undercover Boss, How Old Is Bayley Today?

- WWE posted this video to introduce the new General Manager for the WWE UK brand, wrestling legendary Johnny Saint. Saint talks about the UK wrestling scene and his own career, and what to expect from him as the boss of the brand.


"For the guys in England who have not quite made it yet, this new run in the UK has given them something to try and achieve, to work towards, to enhance their careers," Saint said. "A lot of untapped talent over here in the UK. And now working for a worldwide company, it's endless prospects. For anybody who's prepared to work really hard and sacrifice, it's unlimited. Coming from the old school, I'm going to drive them quite hard. They're not going to get an easy task with me."

- Bayley turns 29 years old today while former WCW and WWE star Chuck Palumbo turns 47 and former nWo member Scott Norton turns 57. Also, today would have been the 57th birthday of wrestling legend Brad Armstrong.

- Stephanie McMahon tweeted the following on tonight's Celebrity Boss edition of "Undercover Boss" on CBS: