Mick Foley On Daniel Bryan Working Safer, "All In" Selling Out, Why WWE Will Be At One Of His Shows

Mick Foley spoke with TV Insider on his one-man show, All In, and WWE clearing Daniel Bryan. Here are some of the highlights:

One of his shows on the "20 Years of Hell" tour possibly showing up on the WWE Network:

"WWE will attend one of the events. I do joke about Mr. McMahon, but he is a very good sport. Always has been when it comes to me needling him a little bit. There is one curse word in the 90-minute show, so I don't think [WWE] will take exception to the material. I think it's highly unlikely that it won't show up on the network at some point. Nothing is guaranteed. I feel like it's head-and-shoulders above anything I've brought to the stage before."

All In selling out:

"It's a time where guys have viable, other options."

Daniel Bryan getting cleared by WWE and working safer these days:

"WWE is very safe as far as letting go of one of the biggest acts in the company for the sake of his own safety. They have people looking out for his best interest. I'd been on the road and been so busy, I haven't seen Daniel since he returned with the exception of the WrestleMania match. There are certain things he can do on house shows to make life easier on himself and nobody would think less of him if he worked a slightly less physical style. That's something that I did toward the end of my career, and a lot of guys have done."

Foley also discussed more about his current tour. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.


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