Mike Kanellis Shows Off Impressive Body Transformation With Before And After Photos

When Mike and Maria Kanellis debuted for WWE at last year's Money In The Bank event, plenty of people were excited to see what the two would do. The Power Of Love was a great signature line for the duo and Mike taking his wife's last name provided an extra amount of heat most heels would love to have. Mike and Maria cut a nice little promo at 2017's Money In The Bank event and got people hoping to see more from the couple but things started to go downhill for Kanellis on WWE television.

For some reason, Kanellis was pushed down the card from the start with little room to move up in the ranks. Not only was he losing on television, but it turns out he was going through a rough trial in his personal life as well.

Kanellis recently celebrated a milestone of being eleven months clean and sober. Unbeknownst to his fans, Mike Kanellis was dealing with the problem of addiction behind the scenes. Luckily, he had an incredibly strong woman like Maria standing by his side and provided a rock for him in his time of need.

Things are much better for Mike Kanellis' personal life at this point. The couple recently celebrated the birth of their daughter Freddie Moon and Mike looks to be in incredible shape.

Kanellis recently uploaded a before and after photo showing fans all of the hard work he's done. The former Impact Wrestling X Division champion has really been focusing on himself and toned his body to look even more like a Superstar.


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