MLW: Fusion Results (6/15): Inaugural Champions Crowned

It's time for another action-packed edition of MLW: Fusion. The new MLW World Tag Team Champions would be determined in a triple threat elimination match and Shane Strickland still had a $20,000 bounty on his head thanks to The Lucha Brothers' manager Salina de la Renta. Simon Gotch is also offering up his own prize purse for someone to defeat him, although it's a much smaller reward of $250 instead. So let's get right into the action to see what happened in Orlando Florida this week in the world of MLW.


The show kicked off this week with Col Robert Parker hyping up Mike Patrick and Leo Brien, The Dirty Blondes. He had a plan of action drawn on a giant sketch pad and he wanted everyone to pay attention to him. After all, The Dirty Blondes had a big match tonight against Team TBD and the Lucha Brothers to determine the MLW Tag Team Champions.
Shane Strickland was interviewed outside in a parking lot about the $20,000 bounty on his head and he was jumped by Brody King.

MVP was interviewed about his upcoming match against Maxwell J Friedman. He had said he had some distractions and his thoughts are all other the place. He said Friedman comes from money and he's used to writing checks but this time his mouth wrote a check his behind can't cash. MVP said he's going to make Friedman wish the referee will call for the match. Then MVP turned his attention to Sami Callihan who he intends on taking on next in what could be a bloody confrontation.


MVP vs Maxwell J Friedman

Before the match started, Friedman cut a promo to rile up the crowd. He brought up MVP's many nicknames and said they're going to change MVP's nickname to the Jobranin Ronin soon enough.

Friedman used to heel tactics early on to beg off a little and stall the match from starting until MVP landed a forearm to the back and a couple suplexes to start things out. MVP continued from there where he applied pressure with offense in the corner and maintained control for a bit.
Friedman pulled the ref in between him and MVP to throw off the babyface and gain an advantage. He stomped MVP down in the corner and started focusing his efforts on MVP's left arm.

MVP got his knees up to block a cocky elbow drop and then he sprung up to take Friedman down with a few clotheslines and then he delivered a knee to the jaw. MVP slammed Maxwell J Friedman down again before hitting his Ballin Elbow for a two count.
Montel Vontavious Porter hit the 305 but couldn't pin because he was distracted by Sami Callihan and an accomplish of his. MVP made them powder out of the ring where he hit a dive on both of them leaving Friedman in the ring to recover. Maxwell kicked the ropes as MVP was getting in and kept his feet on the ropes for the pinfall.


Winner: Maxwell J Friedman

Barrington Hughes cut an interview backstage where he talked about the $20,000 bounty on Shane Strickland's head by Salina de la Renta. He said Shane can't eat or sleep because of the bounty because he has no chance as he's constantly looking over his shoulder wondering when the next attack will be. He said it's not cool and Salina de la Renta is a terrible human being.

Jason Cade and Jimmy Yuta did a little interview next where they said they're going to win the MLW Tag Team Championships because they're the best duo.

Simon Gotch Prize Fight Challenge

Gotch is putting a $250 purse on the line once again. He had Team Filthy to guide him to the ring as he drew tons of heat even during his entrance. He cut a promo hyping Simon Gotch Prize Fight Challenge. If someone can last five minutes in the ring with him then they will be rewarded with $250.
Then Mike Parrow came out and Simon Gotch wasn't too excited to see The Demolition Machine at all. Col Robert Parker led his man to the ring while the crowd popped hard in the process.

Gotch tried to start things out with a running boot and some strikes but Parrow no-sold everything and Gotch went powdering out of the ring for a bit until Parrow followed. Mike Parrow beat Gotch around the outside of the ring for a few seconds before tossing him back inside.


Gotch tried to come back once Mike Parrow got back in the ring. He reversed a move from Parrow into a leg submission but Mike got to the ropes quickly and the ref broke up the hold.
Tom Lawlor hit Parrow with a foreign object when the referee wasn't looking and Gotch locked in a rear naked choke until the referee called for the bell. It looks like Simon Gotch gets to hang onto his money again this week.

The Dirty Blondes came out and the heels didn't get to celebrate for long before they made a quick exit.

Winner: Simon Gotch

Brody King cut a backstage promo on Shane Strickland saying he left him laying lifeless in the parking lot. Then he challenged him to a match if Strickland has the guts to face him.
Court Bauer did a phone interview saying he was at Shane Strickland's place trying to check on how he's doing after the assault. He said Strickland isn't doing too well and as a league they don't want to book a match between Brody King and Shane Strickland but the MLW World Champion wants the match so it will happen next week.

The Dirty Blondes vs Lucha Brothers vs Team TBD (Triple Threat Elimination Match for MLW World Tag Team Championship Match)

Pentagon and Fenix were the most over by far with Cero Miedo chants breaking out before the ring announcements could even take place while Salina de la Renta looked on with an amused look on her face. This was also an "anything goes" match which is always a fun stipulation.


Team TBD took double back body drops from the Dirty Blondes and then the Lucha Brothers stepped up to them and fought off the Dirty Blondes before catching both Yuta and Cade as they dove off the top. The Lucha Brothers were going for stereo dives but the Dirty Blondes pulled them outside to pummel them. Then Team TBD hit everyone with over the top rope dives.

Michael Patrick hit everyone with a senton off the apron and his size sent everyone down. Once they got back in the ring, Cade nearly took a pinfall from the Dirty Blondes but Yuta jumped in to make the save. The Dirty Blondes then shifted their attention to the Lucha Brothers for a moment but they couldn't secure a pinfall.
Cade and Yuta jumped in the ring, took Michael Patrick out, and doubled teamed Leo Brien who took a kick to the back of the head and a top rope elbow and splash to eliminate the Dirty Blondes.

The Lucha Brothers hit a double superkick on Cade and hung him up in a tree of woe with Yuta stuck under him in the corner. The Lucha Brothers then hit a catapult senton into the corner on both guys but only scored a two count.

Cade said he didn't know what Cero Miedo means when he squared off with Pentagon but he ate a superkick and a slingblade in the process but Pentagon didn't cover for the pin. Cade tried for a back handspring off the ropes and Pentagon met him with a dropkick to the stomach. Yuta jumped in to save his team the loss and Penta invited him to fight him next.


The two teams traded nearfalls a few times each time with their partners making the save. Cade hit a suicide dive on Pentagon through the ropes into the crowd and Yuta tried to follow it but Fenix nailed him with a dropkick.

Fenix sat on the top rope and Yuta knocked him off. They did the top rope elbow drop and big splash combo but Rey Fenix kicked out to shock the crowd and Team TBD in the process.
Fenix was still dazed so they picked him back up but he ducked under a right hand and Cade ended up nailing Yuta instead. Pentagon got back in the ring and Fenix nailed a superkick on Cade before Penta hit the Fear Factor for a two count.

Yuta took a kick to the back of the head from Fenix and Pentagon hit a Fenix Driver with Fenix coming off the top rope with a double foot stomp to add even more impact. Then Fenix hit a flipping dive on Cade just to be safe as Pentagon Jr. pinned Yuta to win the titles.

Winners and new MLW World Tag Team Champions: Lucha Brothers

After the match, they broke out the Patron.