MLW: Fusion Results (6/29): Rich Swann In Action, Two Exciting Debuts, Boiler Room Brawl Challenge

MLW brought another amazing show to beIN Sports this week and we've got all the action for you here at Wrestling Inc. Rich Swann was in action versus ACH and those two certainly worked hard in the main event of the evening. Sami Callihan and his Death Machines were also in the building ready to cause chaos wherever they could. Su Yung and Zeda Zhang made their Major League Wrestling debuts and those two dangerous women are capable of a lot of violence. Sammy Guevara vs Fred Yehi was on the card as well and that match was guaranteed to deliver with those two talented workers involved.

On last week's show, Shane Stickland survived a match against Brody King, but Salina de la Renta's $20,000 is still in full effect. In fact, the bounty was raised to $60,000 which caught the attention of The Professional Low Ki who jumped Strickland after his match. "Filthy" Tom Lawlor and Simon Grimm desecrated Col Parker's precious cowboy hat and Teddy Hart made his shocking return to MLW creating quite a stir in the process.

-Barrington Hughes was backstage all bandaged up after taking a beating from the Death Machine so Shane Strickland could escape last week. He said he was clocked in the back of the head and it took two of them to take him down, but now they have a problem. Barrington said they aren't done rumbling because what they did wasn't cool.

-Melissa Craft interviewed Koto Brazil backstage and he's feeling good from his win last week. Then he was jumped by the Death Machine and they dragged him off. Sami Callihan showed up and sang "Hot Crossed Buns." He said they get paid to hurt people even though they can be entertaining. He told MVP to come and get Koto if he ever wants to see his friend ever again. Tony Schiavone said they needed to get security but it was already too late.

Ariel Dominguez vs Jaye Skye
This match got as far as a lockup before the lights went down and red lights started to flash. Su Yung and Zeda Zhang emerged from backstage and took the ring while the room flickered a red glow like they were in some kind of twisted fantasy. The two women got in the ring and immediately jumped Dominguez and Skye. The bell started to ring and the referees tried to get Su Yung and Zeda Zhang out of the ring, but they left on their own time and exited through the crowd as the fans chanted, "Su."

-They aired a video package with Low Ki doing the voiceover because his vocal abilities are amazing. The video told the story of Shane Strickland's feud with Low Ki and Selina de la Renta's now $60,000 bounty on Strickland's head. The Professional plans on collecting that bounty with 60,000 reasons to burn down Swerve Town.

-MVP was backstage opening up the boiler room to find Koto Brazil laid out on the floor with his hands tied behind his back. Koto said he's okay and then MVP picked up a phone on a fuel tank. Sami Callihan's voice came through the phone and challenged MVP to a Boiler Room Brawl.

Sammy Guevara vs Fred Yehi
Sammy made his entrance and Selina de la Renta cut a little promo hyping Guevara in a picture-in-picture box. Fred Yehi was walking to the ring backstage when he was stopped by "Filthy" Tom Lawlor and Simon Grimm. Tom thanked Fred for the match and then Yehi kept walking.

Sammy Guevara is young, impressive, and always has people calling him Justin Bieber. Guevara started off by slapping Yehi in the face before Fred took control of the match. Yehi overpowered Guevara as Selina de la Renta watched from ringside with a stone face.

Guevara leapfrogged over Yehi then flipped over him off the roped and hit what Tony Schiavone called a "superb dropkick" and he wasn't wrong at all. However, Sammy's showboating afterward cost him giving Yehi the chance to charge over and nail him with a shoulder block that turned Sammy inside out.

Fred Yehi remained in control hitting a variety of strikes and kicks. He didn't ease up on Sammy at all as he hit a German release suplex for a two count. They traded chops in the corner and Yehi hit a basement dropkick to a seated Sammy's face.

Sammy countered out of a powerslam and pushed Yehi to the floor. Guevara lounged across the turnbuckle as Fred Yehi returned to the ring, then Sammy picked him up in a fireman's carry and did squats with Yehi on his shoulders. Fred got free and took Sammy down hard before getting Guevara back up for some chops and a double stomp on the back of the neck. Sammy Guevara's chest was beat-red at this point.

Fred Yehi hit a spinning powerbomb for a near fall and place Sammy on the turnbuckle. Sammy fought Fred off and set him up for an electric chair but Yehi got free. Suddenly, Guevara found himself locked in the Koji Clutch. Guevara didn't want to submit, but Yehi kept legit hitting him right in the exposed face and Sammy soon had no choice but to tap out.

Salina de la Renta didn't look too happy about the way this match ended. As they left, Sammy Guevara complained that punches are illegal because he was legit getting punched in the face over and over again while locked in the Koji Clutch.

Winner: Fred Yehi

-"Filthy" Tom Lawlor and Simon Grimm walked across Low Ki standing backstage. Low Ki asked Filthy if he was still #1 contender and he said he was then Low Ki asked him how that worked out for him. Low Ki really got under Lawlow's skin by reminding him that even though Flithy is the #1 contender, Low Ki is the one with a match against Strickland.

-They showed some footage from a few weeks ago when Callihan and his Death Machine jumped MVP in the ring to remind us why MVP would want to fight them. Callihan cut a short little promo after that challenging him to the Boiler Room Match next week. This will get violent.

-Jimmy Havoc cut a promo next to Filthy Tom and Grimm's swimming pool. He said he's watching and following Lawlor. He said he plays in the nighttime and blood in the moonlight appears quite black and next time he sees Lawlor he'll show him what that means. Everything sounds so much cooler with his British accent.

-Team TBD was making a lot of noise out of their locker room and then one of them stormed off. It happened very quickly, but it looks light there might be some problems with those guys after losing to Pentagon and Fenix a couple weeks ago when they failed to pick up the MLW Tag Team Championships.

Rich Swann vs ACH
Filthy Tom was on commentary and he said he was not impressed with Rich Swann and this match is a personal nightmare for him. Tom Lawlor is an outstanding heel color commentator and chimed in with winning lines around every turn during commentary throughout this match.

Swann used his speed to avoid a chop from ACH in the corner as he rolled away before starting a test of strength. ACH twisted Swann's arm before Swann slipped up and the two started trading reversals for a moment. This match was counter-for-counter until Swann caught a standing dropkick to ACH but neither guy could really take full control of this match due to being so evenly matched.

ACH landed a shot to Swann's jaw and sent him down for a headlock. They traded some more offense before ACH hit a backbreaker into a German suplex for a near fall. Then ACH kept Swann under his control for a while until Swann started landing some shots and a head scissors takedown. Swann kicked ACH in the back of the head and got a two count before ACH jumped on the turnbuckle but Swann kicked him and took ACH down to the mat with a head scissors for a two count.

ACH came back and landed some kicks and a discus lariat followed by a frog splash for a two count. Then ACH picked Swann up for a German suplex with one arm because he was selling his shoulder. ACH tried to get a suplex but he couldn't get Swann over so Rich countered with a back handspring cutter for a near fall. Swann picked ACH up but he countered a double underhood with a backdrop. ACH and Swann started trading forearm shots and then they moved to chops.

Swann landed a roundhouse kick and ACH was sent down for another near fall. ACH got his feet up and countered a standing flipping splash from Swann and then Rich Swann moved out of the way of a top rope splash from ACH. They traded a few roll-ups and then ACH won with as Filthy Tom Lawlor put it: "a beautiful wrestling hold." There was a great show of respect between Swann and ACH after the match was over.

Winner: ACH


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