New Day Appear In Latest "Being The Elite," Cody Rhodes And Will Ospreay Banter On Social Media, ROH

- Above is episode 107 ("It's a New Day") of Being the Elite featuring Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E. The trio were on this episode as Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks challenged The New Day in Street Fighter V at last week's E3. Both WWE and ROH helped promote the showdown with New Day winning the team series (2-1) while Kenny Omega defeated Xavier Woods in a first-to-five series. At the end of the video Kenny, Matt, and Nick thought it was so great beating New Day at E3 they know they could beat them in another place, like maybe a wrestling ring?


- ROH's next event is the Best in the World PPV in Baltimore, Maryland on June 29. After that, ROH will be holding the following events: Fairfax Excellence (Fairfax, Virginia – June 30), Honor for All (Nashville, Tennessee – July 20), and Saturday Night at Center Stage (Atlanta, Georgia – July 21).

- On social media, indie wrestler Bea Priestley has been campaigning for a dog (specifically, a pug) and her boyfriend Will Ospreay was doing everything he could to avoid getting one. He finally made a deal with her if she sold all of her shirts at an event over the weekend she could get one, but came up a bit short. He gave her until midnight to sell the shirts and that's when Cody Rhodes helped gets sales moving, much to Ospreay's dismay. The shirts eventually sold out and Priestley wants to name the dog, "Hagrid."