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– Before the show gets started, new NJPW President Harold Meij is out to address the crowd in the ring. Says he loves pro wrestling and will do everything he can to continue to improve NJPW and take it to the next level. He believes there’s something special and unique here and wants to give his everything to make that dream come true. Meij receives a NJPW tracksuit and takes a few photos from the ringside reporters. He bows to each side of the arena before heading out.

– Kevin Kelly and Don Callis holding down English commentary with Jango helping out with translations.

El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru (c) vs. SHO and YOH (IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship)

Rocky Romero out with SHO and YOH who get right after the champions, knock them out of the ring and hit stereo flips over the top rope to the floor. YOH getting the best of Kanemaru, but Desperado with an attack from the floor. SHO is taken out to the crowd and gets thrown into a bunch of chairs about 12 rows deep. Kanemaru with a DDT out on the floor. Kanemaru in there with YOH, works a submission until YOH gets a rope break. Desperado back in there and takes a few chops to the chest that have no effect.

Dragonscrew by YOH, and then a suplex on Kanemaru allows SHO tag get the tag. He runs corner to corner with a couple clotheslines and a double spear. SHO with a nice dead-lift german suplex with the bridge, two-count. Desperado with a spinebuster, double team dropkick/side suplex, pin, SHO breaks it up and tosses Kanemaru into the barricade.

Back and forth forearms in the ring with SHO and YOH double team move. Back breaker/dropkick hits. Kanemaru tries for a mist spray, but hits his own partner. He tries to fight off his opponents, but gets a superkick and power slam. Desperado misses a lowblow attempt and gets double knees to the back, cover, kicks out at two. Package piledriver, no, Kanemaru with a whiskey bottle to the side of the head (ref didn’t see it), Desperado gets the quick pin for the 1-2-3.

Winners: El Desperado and Yoshinobu Desperado via Pinfall

– Post-match, Romero says to commentary this isn’t over and calls Desperado and Desperado a bunch of “punk b—–.”

David Finlay and Juice Robinson vs. YOSHI-HASHI and Jay White

Crowd with a “Juice!” chant to get things started. White with a quick attack on Finlay and Robinson, YOSHI is confused by this tactic. White gets things started with Robinson, couple chops, Robinson hits one of his own. White tries for a suplex, Robinson with an ax kick and brings in Finlay who hits running european uppercut and hits a flying one as well. White with a snap suplex and YOSHI knocks Robinson to the floor.

YOSHI with a vertical suplex, cover, two. Finlay getting beat up, finally tags out, but the ref was distract and doesn’t allow Robinson to come in. Finlay finally hits a dropkick on YOSHI, crowd cheers him on as he brings in Robinson. Bunch of chops (with “Juice!” between each one) Robinson cannonball on White in the corner, puts YOSHI in the tree of woe above White and lands another one.

Robinson up top, crossbody lands, cover, two-count. Finlay and Robinson hit a double flapjack on White, but he sends Robinson into his own partner and hits a snap suplex on Robinson. He recovers and tries to put away White, but YOSHI takes him down. Stunner by Finlay, Bladerunner on Finlay, Robinson hits pulp friction on White, cover, 1-2-3! Crowd enjoyed that ending.

Winner: Juice Robinson and David Finlay via Pinfall

– Post-match, Robinson lets everyone know he’s coming for that US title as he holds it up on the second turnbuckle. He steps on White and then drops the title from high above on the champion. Commentary noting how heavy it is.

Toru Yano and Tomohiro Ishii vs. Zack Sabre Jr. and Minoru Suzuki

Suzuki and Ishii already jawing at each other and they want to start things off. Back and forth forearms to get us started between the two. Big boot to Ishii and he just yells. Ishii with a strike of his own and Suzuki yells back. Both men finally drop each other. Suzuki gets backed into his own corner, Sabre in and he immediately works the leg and goes into a modified surfboard.

Yano in and he brings Sabre down by his hair. He goes for a taunt and Sabre yanks his arms behind his back. Yano finally gets to the rope and demands a break. In comes Suzuki, attacks Yano and then tries to take down Ishii, but he moves to the floor before anything can be done. Ishii tries to come in, ref stops him and Sabre jumps in to help with the submission. Yano yells in agony. Suzuki with another submission and Yano gets to the rope again.

Yano with an inverted atomic drop and gets Ishii back in there. Big chops to Suzuki who gets in one that does nothing. Ishii with a bunch more and a shoulder tackle takes him down. Some light boots to the head of Suzuki and they start going back and forth again. Misdirection by Suzuki, gets back body dropped and shows a little frustration. More back and forth strikes, wow! Yano gets in and exposes the buckle, Sabre ties him up, tries for a pin, two. Yano tries to push Sabre into the ref and go for a lowblow from behind, but Sabre catches it! Double submissions locked in on Yano and Ishii, Yano couldn’t even physically tap out as he does it verbally. Sabre mocks Yano’s taunt.

Winners: Zack Sabre Jr. and Minoru Suzuki via Submission

– Post-match, Ishii runs after Suzuki, smacks him and brings him back to ringside. Both Suzuki and Ishii get a chair and Young Lions are trying to keep them separated. Nope, they swing in the ring, Ishii gets disarmed and Suzuki smacks him with his chair. Weak person is weakly hitting the bell over and over. The two with a bunch of slaps and eventually chase each other out to the back.

Hirooki Goto (c) vs. Michael Elgin vs. Taichi (NEVER Openweight Championship)

Elgin has really trimmed down. Crowd tells Taichi to go home as he bounces from the ring as the match gets started. As they lock up, Taichi tries to roll-up Goto and immediately heads back out. Goto and Elgin with multiple forearms. Taichi back in, but gets wailed on and hops to the outside. Elgin with an enziguri. Taichi back in and kicks Elgin to the apron. Elgin flips back in, kicks Taichi and sends Goto into him. Both Goto and Taichi work on bringing the big man down. Taichi tries to start up a partnership with Goto who suplexes him on Elgin.

Elgin gets up and Elgin throws Goto on Taichi, who then covers Taichi for a two count. Commentary saying Elgin lost about 40 pounds. Elgin with a big german suplex on Taichi. Taichi and Goto out on the floor, Elgin with a flip to the floor! Action back in the ring, Taichi with a kick to Elgin’s head, Goto with a suplex. Taichi hits a lariat, cover, two. Taichi loses the pants. Calis says he’s wearing a women’s size two, ha! Goto drops Taichi, cover, two.

Elgin looked to superplex Taichi, Goto suplexes Elgin, heads up top, but Elgin returns flips over the top rope which powerbombs Goto and a superplex on Taichi! Taichi gets sent out, Goto and Elgin hits multiple double clotheslines. Elgin gets Goto into electric chair position, suplex with the bridge, cover, 2 and half. Elgin looks for a buckle bomb, no, Elgin with a superkick. Elgin looks for a lariat and gets headbutt. Goto nearly puts Elgin away. Taichi sends his lady in for the quick distraction. He smacks Goto and Elgin with his microphone stand.

He’s super happy with plan, laughing along the way, he drops Goto, cover, 1-2. Goto clutch, Elgin with a buckle bomb on Taichi. He does another throwing Taichi into Goto. Elgin bomb lands on Taichi, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Michael Elgin via Pinfall to win the NEVER Openweight Championship

SANADA and EVIL (c) vs. The Young Bucks (IWGP Tag Team Championship)

The bucks get to work with a bevy of double team moves, stereo dropkicks land on SANADA. Nick with a step up flip down to the floor on both of his opponents. EVIL tosses back into the ring for Matt who whips EVIL, gets kicked and side suplexed. SANADA in with a dropkick on Matt’s back. Both pair up on the floor, Matt sent into the barricade. Back in the ring, EVIL with a lax pin. SANADA in, standing moonsault, cover, two.

EVIL back in, neckbreaker, tries for another cover, two. EVIL tries for a running senton, nobody home. SANADA runs in to stop Matt from tagging out, SANADA tries for a dive to the floor, nobody home. Matt tries to tag out and EVIL drops Nick to the floor. Matt finally gets over and Nick is not there. Nick finally gets up and kicks EVIL in the face. Matt gets the tag, Nick with multiple kicks on both opponents. Knee to SANADA in the corner, bulldog/clothesline combo. Nick with a springboard dropkick, goes for a big kick on the apron, and ends up kicking the ring post!

EVIL trips him up to the floor, EVIL stomps his foot up against the barricade. Matt in for a superkick and blasts his brother, SANADA tosses Matt out to the floor. Nick tries to fight off both opponents, superkick lands, EVIL clotheslines him, cover, two. Tower of doom hits with the Bucks getting powerbombed and SANADA getting superplexed. EVIL and Nick in the ring now as EVIL continues to focus on Nick’s bum leg. Nick lands a kick and instantly sells the pain. Matt and SANADA tagged in and lands a combo of strikes, SANADA with a moonsault into a dragon sleeper, Matt instantly out of it, does his own moonsault, possible Indytaker, Nick gets dropped on the apron by EVIL.

Sharpshooting on EVIL, but he’s not the legal man. SANADA in with a dragon sleeper and Nick lands a dropkick off the top rope to breaks it all up. EVIL drops Matt, cover, two. Everything is evil, no, Indytaker and Nick falls off the top rope! Indytaker by EVIL and SANADA, but Nick breaks it up. Magic killer by EVIL and SANADA, Nick breaks it up, SANADA with a knee to the face of Nick out on the floor. Backslide pin on EVIL, two! SANADA tagged in, big lariat on Matt, SANADA boots Nick back to the floor. SANADA with skull end for like the fourth time and ends up swinging Matt around. SANADA tries for a moonsault, lands on his feet, gets speared. EVIL with a lariat, stereo superkicks on EVIL and SANADA. Both Nick and Matt are really selling their respective injuries.

More bang for your buck hits cleanly, cover, 1-2-3!

Winners: The Young Bucks via Pinfall to win the IWGP Tag Team Championship

– Post-match, Matt Jackson talks about winning the title and says they need a guy to call All In and invites Don Callis. He’s All In!

Rey Mysterio, Jushin Thunder Liger, and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Marty Scurll, Hangman Page, and Cody

Tanahashi and Liger held the ropes open for Rey as he entered the ring. Lots of indecision in the beginning to decide who will start and it’s finally Page and Tanahashi. Back and forth action and Cody is brought in, the two do some taunting. In comes Mysterio and Scurll, Mysterio drops Scurll, kick to the leg, and hits a hurricanrana. In comes Liger who sends him to the floor, Liger with a baseball slide on Scurll.

Back in the ring, Scurll drops down on Liger’s knees, kick and tags Cody back in. Cody blows a kiss to Mysterio on the apron and continues to stomp away on Liger. In comes Page, side suplex, cover, two. Scurll in now and doing a lot of taunting towards Liger. Both Mysterio and Tanahashi are knocked off the apron, Bullet Club goes to work on Liger, pin, two. Tilt-a-whirl backbreak on Scurll finally gives Liger a window to tag in Mysterio. Springboard sitting senton, kick to the head and was partially blocked, another headscissors. Mysterio with a flip off the moonsault and goes right into a tornado DDT. Mysterio is looking great in this one!

Mysterio sets up 619, but Page tags in to stop that. Tanahashi with a crossbody, sends Cody to the floor and nails a dragon screw leg whip on Page. Big strikes from Page and Tanahashi, both men down. Mysterio in and tries for another 619, broken up again. Mysterio gets Page and Scurll lined up and hits 619 on both guys. Crowd loved that. Mysterio takes Scurll out on the floor, Tanahashi takes down Page. Liger with a hurricanrana off the top rope on Cody. Cody back up with a reversal, hits cross rhodes and that will do it.

Winners: Cody, Marty Scurll, and Adam Page via Pinfall

– Post-match, Cody stomps on Liger, but Mysterio attacks him and sends Cody to the floor.

Will Ospreay (c) vs. Hiromu Takahashi (IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship)

Both charge each other at the bell and instantly attack each other. Takahashi headed out to the floor and they are out near the ramp. Ospreay runs down the ramp and does a front flip off the stage on Takahashi! Ospreay rips up some of the mat on the outside, but ends up throwing the challenger in the ring. Ospreay has a lot of tap around his neck, but it doesn’t last very long into the match.

Action heads back into the ring and Ospreay keeps grounded as he works the arm. Ospreay with plenty of submission work, slowing things down a bit. Takahashi with a hurricanrana and a running dropkick. Ospreay out on the floor, Takahashi with a hard dropkick from the apron to the floor. Takahashi continues to sell his arm injury, but lands some massive chops in the corner. Ospreay with some nasty language towards the challenger. Ospreay with a springboard clothesline.

Takahashi to the floor, Ospreay with a back handspring flip to the floor, lands it cleanly. Back in the ring Ospreay drops his opponent, cover, two. Looks for the OsCutter, but is german suplexed in midair. Back and forth strikes. Ospreay misses and enziguri and another kick, gets german suplex, reverse hurricanara two times! Takahashi counters stormbreaker into code red! Both work their way over to the apron. Commentary noting how Ospreay had his neck roughed up on the apron at Sakura Genesis.

Couple strikes from both guys, Ospreay gets lift on Takahashi’s shoulders, drops in the ring and boots him in the head. Ospreay with a dead-lift suplex from the second rope and then drops him on the top rope. Hits a moonsault over the challenger’s back and goes back up top. Lands a corkscrew shooting star press, cover, two! Takahashi recovers, hits a canadian destroy and goes right into a triangle submission.

Ospreay tries to powerbomb out of it, but Takahashi won’t let go. He goes for another twisting powerbom and drops Takahashi right on his neck, ouch. He’s up though and hits a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor and Ospreay hits the exposed floor. Takahashi back in the ring and looks for time bomb, Ospreay fights out and kicks him in the head, twice, three times! Ospreay looks for stormbreak, Takahashi tries for a submission and nails a butterfly piledriver.

Takahashi jams Ospreay into the turnbuckle. Crowd is going wild. Takahashi hits time bomb, cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi via Pinfall to win the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship

Tetsuya Naito (c) vs. Chris Jericho (IWGP Intercontinental Championship)

Jericho attacks Naito before he can even get in the ring, Red Shoes gets dropped in the brawl on the floor. Jericho grabs a table and throws Naito throw the table! Jericho grabs a camera, films Naito and gives him the middle finger. Jericho up on another table and lands a DDT on Naito, but the table doesn’t even budge. Red shoes trying to get him off as Jericho signs an autograph and throws it at Naito.

They finally get in the ring and the bell rings. Jericho goes for a quick cover and Naito kicks out. Naito tries to fight back, backbreaker by Jericho, lionsault hits, cover, two. Jericho isn’t getting booed as much as you would think, crowd loving the match though. Jericho continues to taunt the challenger as he swings away on him. Jericho whips Naito into the corner and Naito hasn’t been given an inch in this match so far. Walls of Jericho locked in, Naito able to get to the ropes. Jericho with a little shove of Red Shoes.

Crowd now cheering on Naito. Jericho yells at the ref, Naito spits in Jericho’s face. Looks like he’s bleeding a bit from that early attack. Naito with a dropkick as he finally takes off some of his entrance attire. Slingshot dropkick in the corner. Naito has a cut under his eye. Naito ends up getting a piece of that broken table and smacks Jericho with it a few times. He brings Jericho back to the same table Jericho dropped him on and gives Jericho a piledriver and the table still doesn’t break.

Naito brings Jericho back in the ring. Crowd gives a golf clap for that. Naito with a missile dropkick to the back of Jericho, Naito taunts and spits at Jericho again. Naito tries for a hurricanrana, Jericho blocks it, and Jericho basically drops Naito down on his head! Goes right into walls of Jericho. Naito able to get back up and hits a hurricanrana, tornado DDT, cover, two.

Another walls of Jericho as Jericho demands he give up. Naito is nearly out, but finally reaches out and grabs the rope. Jericho is asking the ref if he tapped out and the ref says no. Naito tries for destino, no, but gets it on the second try. Goes for the cover, but Jericho grabs the bottom rope. Crowd with a “Naito!” chant. Naito is bleeding from his ear. Naito spits at Jericho again, but Jericho hits a codebreaker, cover, two. Lionsault, knees up, Naito dumps Jericho on the back of his head. Destino, no, Jericho shoves ref, lowblow, codebreaker, cover, JERICHO WINS!

Winner: Chris Jericho via Pinfall to win the IWGP Intercontinental Championship

– Post-match, Jericho beats up Naito some more and hits him with the title. He continues with a belt, EVIL runs down and stops Jericho. EVIL grabs Jericho’s belt and Jericho runs off with his title.

Kazuchika Okada (c) with Gedo vs. Kenny Omega with Kota Ibushi (IWGP Heavyweight Championship)

Omega out and is somehow in better shape than before. Omega looking cool and confident as the bell ring. Measured pace to begin the match, neither in a hurry to do too much too early. Crowd is maybe 90/10 for Omega. Back and forth action, Omega tries for one winged angel and both end up out on the floor, Omega sent into the barricade, Okada with a kick sending him over it. Okada looks for the running crossbody and Omega catches him with a knee! Omega slams Okada on a piece of the barricade both before head into the ring, cover on Okada, two.

Omega with some kicks to the back, Okada wants more, Omega with another dropkick, cover, two. Omega continues to push the pace as Callis says he really wants to take that first fall. Omega really working over Okada, landing some big chops to the champion. Okada finally getting in some offense, plants Omega with a DDT, goes for a cover, two. Omega sent out to the floor, Okada with a crossbody down. Both back in the ring, snap hurricanrana by Omega, sending Okada to the floor. Omega with a dropkick to the back of the head sending Okada over the first barricade. Crowd starts up the “Terminator” clap. Omega hops off the top rope and takes out Okada!

Back in the ring, Omega drops Okada’s neck over his knee. V-trigger misses, Okada tries for a german suplex, Omega lands on his feet and hits the second v-trigger. Tries for a lung blower, Okada holds the ropes, drops Omega, cover, two. Both wrestlers end up on the apron, Okada with a tombstone! Omega back up on the apron and Okada kicks him off, sending him into the barricade, ah! Red Shoes checking on Omega and Okada goes right after his side. Ibushi has a white towel in his hand.

Back in the ring, dropkick lands flush against Omega, cover, barely able to kick out at two. Okada with an elbow drop as Omega really selling that side injury. Okada calls for rainmaker and Omega hits a snap dragon suplex as the camera zooms out! Okada out on the floor and Omega hits a huge flip over the top rope. 25 minutes in. Omega looking for one winged angel, no, blocks rainmaker, v-trigger, one winged angel, no, electric chair into a german suplex with the bridge, no! One winged angel again, no, dropkick to the back, Okada is getting amped up now.

Rainmaker misses, another v-trigger, stacked up pin, nope. Omega walks into a tombstone, rainmaker misses, Omega counters, but Okada sits down on him for the first pinfall.

Okada gets the first pinfall.

They get a two minute break before the match continues. Okada with a smile as things get going. Omega charges in swinging on the back of Okada’s neck. Omega gets put up on the top turnbuckle and kicked down to the floor. Okada follows, throws Omega into the barricade, Omega puts on the breaks hops up on the barricade and Okada kicks him off and into the second barricade right in front of the crowd. Okada with a DDT on the floor.

Omega with a bunch of chops as Okada takes the blows and then drops him with a big boot. Omega getting in some offense and gets Okada out to the floor, hits a back suplex on the apron. Omega snatches up a table and drops it down on the champ. Omega with a double stomp on the table. Omega now sets up the table, but gets sent into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Okada hits a suplex and dropkicks Omega into the corner. Okada selling his ribs after that table spot. Okada slowly heads up top and Omega cuts him off at the pass. Omega hooks Okada’s leg and hits a superplex. Omega with you can’t escape, but Okada gets the knees up on the moonsault and Okada kicks him in the back of the head. Omega with a tornado DDT, Okada over near the apron. Omega gets next to him and points at the table on the floor. Omega looks for a german suplex, Okada blocks it, Omega slowly locks in the dragon suplex, Okada finally fights out of it, they trade counters of each other’s finishes, reverse rana on the floor.

Okada takes to 19 to get back in. Omega with an immediate v-trigger, tries for one winged angel, no! Jumping tombstone! Rainmaker misses and Omega plants Okada on his back. Omega with a massive chop, back and forth attacks, snap dragon suplex by Omega, dropkick by Okada. Omega with his own dropkick. Powerbomb, pin, Omega backs off, v-trigger, Okada tries for another sneaky pin, two. V-trigger lands, Omega plants him, tries for a pin, no. V-trigger lands again, one winged angel finally hits and Okada can’t kick out.

Kenny Omega gets the second pinfall, we’re tied.

We’re now almost 50 minutes into the match. Gedo is sluggish to get out to help give Okada more time. Omega immediately hits a v-trigger on a grounded Okada. Omega tries for one winged angel, no, rainmaker! Okada is too out of it to capitalize. Okada finally musters up enough for a cover, two.

Okada with an uppercut and Omega crumples to the mat and then over the ropes. Omega thrown into the ropes, but he can’t even bounce off them, Okada thought he would and goes for a dropkick, nobody home. Omega throws some strikes, tries for a powerbomb, no, STYLES CLASH by Omega. V-trigger in the corner to the back of Okada’s neck. Omega went for another move, but didn’t have the energy to finish. Electric chair position on Okada, reverse, another reverse, Omega spike piledriver, cover, kick out.

Ibushi up on the apron, tells Omega something and Omega heads up to the top rope for a phoenix splash! Okada moves out of the way and kicks Omega in the back. Possibly the 20th v-trigger in the match sends Okada flat on the mat. Another one! Goes for another, Okada catches it, dropkick, tries for a tombstone, no. Dropkick and rainmaker hits, but Okada collapsed while throwing it. Didn’t get all of it and both men are down. Crowd is so into pretty much every single move at this point. Both on their knees trading strikes, Omega with a headbutt, ouch.

Rainmaker! Okada can’t follow up though. Another rainmaker and Okada is slow to follow up yet again. He looks for a third one and Omega ducks it straight into a german suplex, another one. Okada gets a suplex of his own and holds on. Omega counters, hits another suplex. Omega uses Red Shoes to get himself up and Okada nails a dropkick. Omega goes into a quick one winged angel, but can’t follow up. Both near the ropes now, nasty v-trigger! One winged angel hits! Cover 1-2-3!!!!

Winner: Kenny Omega via Pinfall to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship

– Post-match, Omega hugs the Young Bucks who are now in the ring and also Ibushi. Omega thanks the fans and wants to take NJPW to the next level. Omega says people told him to be different, take the pay check, be “tranquilo” (crowd pops for that), but he’s here to change the world with his best friends. He says goodbye and good night, but out comes Cody for a moment. Crowd boos. Cody heads towards the ring, turns around, and then heads to the back. Bucks lift Omega on their shoulders and Omega goes around to shake hands with some of the fans.