Paige Shows Off New Chest Tattoo While Filming Total Divas

Paige has always displayed a bit of a rebellious side to her. The Anti-Diva busted NXT wide open as their first Women's Champion and was soon ending AJ Lee's impressive Diva's Championship reign on the night after WrestleMania XXX.

The two-time Diva's Champion was a natural fit for the Total Divas cast where he was provided the opportunity to showcase her one-of-a-kind personality on a weekly basis. As Paige's career continued she was featured in a few interesting angles both on reality television and in the ring.

In some ways she was pushed to the back when fresh faces like Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bayley were moved up from NXT, but she didn't let that stop her from being herself in a big way on the E! Network reality show and everywhere else she showed up.

On an early episode in the Total Divas series, Paige considered getting a tattoo on her chest. She asked the WWE office if she could get the new tattoo and they advised against it because she still had merchandise in the pipeline not to mention the future WWE 2k video game franchise.

Paige threw everyone for a loop when she showed up to work with a stencil where her new tattoo would go which was quite large and in the middle of her chest. Thankfully, she decided not to get her ink that day, but it turns out she recently followed through with her wish of getting some permanent art on her torso.

Paige recently got a new tattoo and it's in a very strategic spot. It can be covered while on television which was WWE's issue, but you can certainly see it while she's wearing a bathing suit.

Odds are Paige will be getting plenty more tattoos if she wants to come close to matching the amount of ink her boyfriend Attila bassist Kalan Blehm has because he is absolutely covered.

The Total Divas cast recently enjoyed some fun in the sun while they shot an episode in Tahoe for the upcoming season. As you can see, Paige was having a wonderful time with her Total Divas castmates and you'll also be very quick to notice her new ink as well.

Day 3 of Tahoe! Parasailed for the first time. ??

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