Rey Mysterio On Why Heels Cannot Get Heat, Chris Jericho Being A Visionary, All In

As previously noted, 'The King Of Lucha Libre' Rey Mysterio, Jr. recently caught up with WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross on his podcast, The Jim Ross Report. Among many other things, Mysterio talked about his respect for fellow pro wrestling legend Chris Jericho, why getting heat is difficult for heels nowadays, and appearing at All In.

According to Mysterio, he has a tremendous amount of respect for Jericho as a "visionary" and a tenacious talent.

"I've actually, without picking his mind that much, I've learned a lot about how he likes to roll and do his own thing." Mysterio continued, "and I tip my hat off for him because he has worked his ass off. He has. He has been on the grind. He was the first guy ever to leave WCW, take that risk, go to WWF at the time, and look at him now. He has his rock band. He's a visionary. He sees something, if he wants to go for it, he goes for it. And he'll achieve it when he's finished."

Ross noted that he signed both Jericho and Mysterio to WWE deals for less money than they were earning at WCW to show that they were both people looking for opportunities and willing to bet on themselves.  

"[Jericho] was making more money, guaranteed more money, in WCW than we were able or willing to pay him as a downside coming to WWE." Ross said, "now, so quite frankly, he was kind of in the same situation [Mysterio] was in."

In Mysterio's estimation, it is difficult for heels to get heat nowadays because respected heels become babyfaces in the eyes of the wrestleverse.

"It is [impossible for heels to get real heat nowadays] because of the fact that, for the fans, if you have a rich history on your way to becoming one of the top heels, all-of-a-sudden, heels are loved. Why? Because you worked hard to obtain your spot." Mysterio added, "it sounds weird, but you become a babyface in their eyes."

Moreover, Mysterio professed that fans should save their 'both these guys' and 'fight forever' chants in favor of picking sides, which makes the action more dramatic and fun.

"You can't go to an arena and cheer both fighters." Mysterio explained, "in this case, you can't go for Manny Pacquiao and cheer for Julio César Chávez. You either go for one or the other. And same for football. You can't go for both football teams. You've got to pick one."

On the subject of All In, Mysterio divulged that he does not know who he will be facing yet, but Cody and The Young Bucks want to put together the best show possible.  

"I don't have a clue yet [about his All In opponent]." Mysterio said, "I'm sure they have something good cooked up because they've been doing this very methodical and just the way they announced the show, the way they've announced talent little by little. It's a good strategy, so I'm sure they have a good show lined up. I've been in contact with both the Bucks and Cody, so they're letting me choose as well. They're throwing some stuff around. But, at the end of the day, whatever we think the fans are going to love the most, that's what we want to give them."

Booyaka! If you use any of the quotes from this article, please credit The Jim Ross Report with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: The Jim Ross Report


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