Rey Mysterio Says He's Still Waiting For Something "Big To Happen With WWE"

Recently on The Jim Ross Report, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross caught up with lucha legend Rey Mysterio, Jr. Among many other things, Ross talked about the rumored upcoming AAA show at Madison Square Garden. Additionally, Mysterio talked about whether he is still involved with Aro Lucha, his future plans, and whether Jushin 'Thunder' Liger was an inspiration to Mysterio in his own pro wrestling odyssey.


According to Ross, Mysterio appearing for AAA at a potential MSG show may cause problems for the diminutive dynamo in his relationship with WWE, as 'The Garden' has been a WWE stronghold since day one [ish].  

"If AAA runs an event in the Garden, it will stir a tremendous amount of discussion and controversy because somebody new is apparently going to run the Garden, doing wrestling. I wouldn't be surprised if they do really, really well there. And I'm sure, here, it puts [Mysterio] in a tough spot, I would think. And I'm not saying it for [Mysterio]. I'm just stating my opinion that it kind of puts [Mysterio] in a tough spot because [AAA] need[s] to have [Mysterio] on the card if they're going to try to sell out the Garden. That's my opinion." Ross explained, "that puts [Mysterio] in a tough spot because, 'okay, wait a minute. What does that do to my overall?' because I'm sure WWE, you've got a relationship with WWE as well."


During the conversation, Mysterio revealed that he is still involved with Aro Lucha as a stockholder. Mysterio said he has been keeping busy as he waits for something "big" to happen with WWE.

"I'm still involved with [Aro Lucha]. I'm a part stock owner with the company and I'm still running wild. I'm kind of doing my own thing just like I have been for the last three years. Opportunities seem to come my way and if I feel that it's something that I can take advantage of, and move forward with it, I run with it. If they hand me a ball, and I feel like I can go, I'm going to go." Mysterio added, "I'm just kind of jumping here and there waiting for if something big happens to pop off with WWE again, in the meantime, I keep doing my thing."

On the subject of Liger, Mysterio admitted that Liger was one of his heroes; however, he thought Liger was ripping off Psicosis's ring gear before realizing it was the other way around.  

"Most definitely [Liger was an idol] and I go way back to when I saw Psicosis and then I saw Liger, I was like, 'man, Liger is picking up on Psicosis's gear' not knowing that it was the other way around. The idea behind Psicosis, I guess, was somewhat based off of the Liger character with the hair being out and the horns."


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Source: The Jim Ross Report