Ricochet On What He Misses From Classic Pro Wrestling In Today's World

Ricochet is simply incredible. It's so much fun to watch The One And Only do his thing as he soars through the air and teases greatness around every corner, but imagine how much cooler it would all look if he had a thousand flashing lights behind him as he did his thing?

Pro wrestling used to be a spectator sport where flash photography was the norm. The WWE Network provides us with an excellent chance to go back years ago and watch big events where dives off the top rope were accompanied by tons of flashing lights behind the Superstars adding to the spectacle. Images of Shawn Michaels hitting a stunning top rope elbow drop with a sea of flashing lights behind him is an image that is burned into many fans' brains.

People are still taking lots of photos, they're just on cell phone cameras that don't require any kind of flash to pull off the same function. It seems advancements in technology have taken this little something extra out of the pro wrestling experience.

King Ricochet recently commented saying how much he missed seeing those flashing lights behind Superstars as they perform high spots in the ring. Of course, the flash photography might get distracting but it would probably be well worth it if you ask Ricochet.


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