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The Kingdom (c) vs. EVIL, BUSHI, and SANADA (ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship)

TK O’Ryan and EVIL get us started in the opening match of the night. Taven with a cheap shot from behind, but EVIL fights back with a shoulder tackle on O’Ryan, Taven tags in and gets side slammed. In comes SANADA, back elbow, standing moonsault, some back and forth attacks. BUSHI in against Marseglia who lands a kick to the face and tries to take BUSHI’s mask off, everybody in the ring now for a moment, Taven looks to fly to the outside and ends up doing Naito’s taunt. Crowd boos that move.

SANADA in with a low dropkick and then body slams O’Ryan on Taven. EVIL in with a running senton, cover, two. The Kingdom clears out their opponents as Marseglia goes to work on EVIL who is having a tough time getting to his partners and eventually does so. SANADA gets in there and lands some big dropkicks. Taven tries for a kick, SANADA catches it, and ties Taven up like a pretzel. O’Ryan tries to tie up SANADA, nah, SANADA ends up doing it to him. Big boots to both guys.

Marseglia releases some balloons as SANADA heads to the top…and falls off, Kingdom nearly finishes off the match, but EVIL and BUSHI break things up. Taven with a penalty kick, cover, two. Taven’s knee buckles, SANADA dropkicks it, tags in Bushi who hits a missile dropkick and a spin-a-roni to get back to his feet. He dodges O’Ryan, and hits a double hurricanarana, cover, two. The Kingdom go to work on BUSHI with a flurry of attacks, EVIL breaks up Taven’s pin and everyone is nailing strikes on each other. Weird end with BUSHI trying to backslide pin the ref, ends up misting Marseglia, but Taven and O’Ryan hit a powerbomb on BUSHI to finish the match.

Winners: The Kingdom via Pinfall to retain the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles

– Flip Gordon cuts a backstage promo about how Bully Ray disrespected him, his family, and his country and he’s a “young boy” who’s going to kick Bully’s ass.

Flip Gordon vs. Bully Ray

Bully tries to get the jump on Gordon in the ring, but Gordon flips off the turnbuckle to avoid him. Gordon with a superkick, spear, Bully out to the floor and Gordon hits a crossbody over the top rope. Gordon back in the ring and flips over the top rope to take out Bully. Gordon back into the ring and hits a springboard forearm as Bully tried to get away. Gordon continues to swing away on his opponent, has a fan hold Bully’s arm as he punches him over and over.

Both in the ring, Gordon with a samoan flip, moonsault off the second rope, cover, two. Gordon charges in and Bully just flattens him, crowd is booing as Bully just stares at them. Bully heads to the second rope and goes for a vader bomb, but misses. Gordon looked for a star spangled stuner and Bully kicks him between the legs for a DQ finish.

Winner: Flip Gordon via DQ

– Post-match, Bully grabs a trash can and a chair, brings them into the ring and swings the chair on Gordon’s leg. From the back is Eli Isom, but he instantly gets dropped and Bully focuses his attention back on Gordon. Cheeseburger gets in there and lands a bunch of forearms, Bully kicks him and lands a big powerbomb to end the fun. Bully gets a table out from under the ring. Todd Sinclair gets in there to stop Bully, but he gets shoved out. Colt Cabana finally decides to leave commentary with a chair to get Bully to stop. Bully flips the table over at Cabana and bails out of the ring. Crowd with a “Colt Cabana!” chant as Bully heads to the back.

– At commentary, Cabana returns to call the next match with Ian Riccaboni, looking annoyed at what Bully Ray just did. Cabana says he doesn’t get it because Bully is such a good wrestler and that other stuff isn’t necessary.

Sumie Sakai, Jenny Rose, Mayu Iwatani, and Tenille Dashwood vs. Kelly Klein, Hazuki, Kagetsu, and Hana Kimura

Sakai and Kagetsu gets things started with Kagetsu landing a number of attacks, kick, looks for a fireman’s carry, Sakai gets out of it. Kagetsu with a slap and Sakai returns the favor, Kagetsu tags in Kimura who walks right past Sakai as she wants Dashwood in the ring. Kimura smacks Dashwood down and does her taunt. Dashwood drops her, hurricanrana into a side russian leg sweep, cover, two. Rose is tagged in, german suplex with the bridge, two-count. Kimura with a big dropkick and tags in Klein who stomps away at Rose.

Rose tries for a roll-up, no, Klein with a clothesline, cover, two. Hazuki and Iwatani in now, Iwatani hits a slingblade and tags in Sakai. Referee getting distracted as Sakai gets her head crushed by the other three wrestlers. Klein in there now landing a couple knee strikes to Sakai, kick to the back, cover, two. Dashwood gets in there and takes the entire team down, neckbreaker on Klein over the ropes.

As Dashwood locks Klein in a submission in the ropes the camera guy trips over a wrestler and crashes to the ground (lol). Dashwood with a crossbody on Klein, cover, two. Dashwood tags in Iwatani, double missile dropkick, frog splash on Kimura, but that gets broken up at the last moment. Iwatani hits the ropes, but Kagetsu hits her in the back with a wooden plaque. Kimura looks for a brainbuster, but Iwatani counters into a body scissors, Kimura reverses and deadlifts Iwatani into a delayed vertical suplex, cover, two! Crowd thought it was over there.

Sinclair gets distracted, Kagetsu smacks Iwatani with the plaque and it’s just all out chaos now. Sakai takes to the sky out on the floor. In the ring, Iwatani and Kimura go back and forth, but Iwatani hits a dragon suplex for the win. Little all over the place, but solid match.

Winners: Sumie Sakai, Jenny Rose, Mayu Iwatani, and Tenille Dashwood via Pinfall

Austin Aries vs. Kenny King

Crowd with an “Austin Aries!” chant before the match gets going. Feeling out process from both wrestlers as they end up in the ropes twice, each shoving each other in the chest. Some more shoving until Aries lands a massive chop to the chest and sends King to the floor, but King is right back in, Aries looks for a brainbuster, no, chop to Aries’ back and King turns Aries inside out with a lariat.

King drops Aries with a sweep kick, taunts a bit and Aries attacks from behind, but gets sweep kicked again. Out on the floor and he ends up sweep kicking Aries a couple more times much to the crowd’s delight. Aries finally gets some control of this match with a number of attacks, heads to the second rope and hits a back elbow, cover, two. Aries puts King out on the apron, elbow drop across the chest, cover, two. Aries showing some frustration.

King with a nice springboard blockbuster, cover, two. Elbow in the corner, t-bone suplex, King looking to finish this, Aries rakes the eyes, ear clap, and goes into last chancery, but King gets to the ropes. Out on the apron now, Aries with a neckbreaker on the ropes, sending King crashing to the floor. Aries looked for a suicide dive and gets a kick right to the head/shoulder area. Aries spits at King, which just angers him and King looks to smash him on the apron, but ends up just tossing him into the ring. “He’s my friend!” King says to the crowd.

King in the ring and Aries rolls him up, kick-out. King drops Aries, cover, Aries grabs the rope and is just hugging the rope now as King tries to pull him away. Aries is taking his titles and looks to be heading to the back, crowd doesn’t like that. King with a spinning crossbody to drop Aries, picks up the Impact World Championship and thinks about smacking Aries with it. Aries ends up stunning King and hits a brainbuster on the floor! Crowd with a “You killed Kenny!” chant. Back in the ring, Aries with a discuss lariat, brainbuster, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Austin Aries via Pinfall

– Backstage, Jay Lethal says without the ROH Title he’s lost. He went to ROH management and they told him he needs to string together some wins before he gets another shot. Lethal says he’s decided to go back and beat all the opponents who have defeated him. In 2014, he defeated KUSHIDA, but in 2017, KUSHIDA beat Lethal, so this is the rubber match between the two wrestlers.

Jay Lethal vs. KUSHIDA

Lethal in for a handshake and KUSHIDA backs away, crowd doesn’t like that move. Back and forth mat wrestling gets us started. KUSHIDA send Lethal out to the floor hits not one, not two, but three flips over the top rope on Lethal. Back in the ring, KUSHIDA up top and drops the double ax handle (with a “Macho Man” taunt) on Lethal. Standing moonsault, cover, Lethal kicks out at one. Commentary noting KUSHIDA is playing more mind games than usual in this match.

Back and forth suplex reversals, crowd giving it a “Woahhh!” each time a guy tries it. KUSHIDA with a handspring off the rope, but Lethal drops him and focuses on his opponent’s knee. Kicks to the leg, knee breaker, and drops him over the top rope. Tries for a cover, two, but just barely. It’s been all Lethal here as he looks for a figure-four, KUSHIDA counters it, but ends up on the apron. Lethal with a springboard kick to send KUSHIDA to the floor, Lethal with a suicide diver, not once, but twice. He goes for a third and KUSHIDA able to counter right into an armbar.

Now KUSHIDA goes to work on Lethal’s arm, landing a bunch of kicks, running dropkick. Lethal gets rolled up, two. Lethal combination hits on the second try. Lethal goes up top, KUSHIDA charges him, Lethal jumps over. KUSHIDA with another handspring, but Lethal catches him in the torture rack position! Drops him, looks for an elbow drop off the top rope, KUSHIDA goes right into a cross armbreaker in the middle of the ring. He’s able to get out of it and gets the figure-four locked in. KUSHIDA able to slide to the ropes to break the hold.

Both are kicking at each other’s injured areas (Lethal’s arm and KUSHIDA’s leg). KUSHIDA with a massive strike and a woozy Lethal shakes his hand! Lethal with a flurry of kicks Lethal injection right into the hoverboard lock in the middle of the ring, tries to lift Lethal who counters with a cutter. Lethal injection hits this time, cover, 1-2-3. Best match of the night thus far, crowd throws in some post-match streamers to celebrate that one. Post-match handshake between both wrestlers.

Winner: Jay Lethal via Pinfall

– Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser join commentary as we see clips of Page vs. Martinez. Young is asked if is disappointed he’s not defending the title on tonight’s show. Young says he was put in a tough position, but he’s a fighting champion.

Punishment Martinez (c) vs. Adam Page (Baltimore Street Fight for the ROH World TV Championship)

During the match announcement, Page and Martinez start fighting in the ring, Page with a suicide dive. Commentary noting Page has a busted open eye from a previous match and is currently stitched up. Page dumps Martinez into the barricades a few times. Page grabs a chair and brings it into the ring, Martinez steps into the ring and Page tosses it right at him. Page wedges the chair into the corner and ends up whipping Martinez into it.

Back out on the floor, Page grabs a table and leans it up against the corner of the ring. Page with a big boot, hops to the apron and hits a shooting star press, lands on his feet, Martinez with a powerbomb on the apron and a chokeslam on barricade. Martinez gets a chair and brings it into the ring. He smacks Page and they are already back out on the floor. Martinez sends Page into the barricade then sets up five chairs on the floor in a square pattern. He looks for a chokeslam on them, no. Page sends the champion into the corner barricade, then hits a superplex off the barricade!

Back in the ring, Martinez turns Page inside out with a lariat. He brings in a chair and looks for a tombstone, Page counters with a cradle piledriver, cover, two. Martinez pulls out a zip tie and locks Page’s hands together. Page tries to fight back, but that’s short lived, Martinez stomps Page’s head into a chair, cover, two. Ian noting that Bullet Club could come out, but they all have upcoming matches so they’re most likely prepping for those title matches. Table in the ring, Page breaks the zip tie heads out to the floor and hits a spear through a table on Martinez.

Page with a moonsault to the floor, but just barely clips the champion. Page taunts the crowd from the apron and ends up getting kicked in the back down on to that chair structure that was on the floor. Cameras totally missed the spot though. Table is still set up in the ring, Martinez brings in a bag of thumbtacks and drops them on the mat. Martinez looks for a powerbomb, no, Page back body drop and Martinez feels those tacks. Page lifts the champion and tries for his finisher. Martinez with a chokeslam through the table, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Punishment Martinez via Pinfall to retain the ROH World TV Championship

The Briscoes (c) vs. The Young Bucks (ROH World Tag Team Championship)

Crowd pops big for The Young Bucks as they make their way out to the ring and are very much behind them as the bell rings. Nick and Mark get us started, Nick drops Jay, but he gets in and returns the favor. Jay and Matt start swinging on each other. Young Bucks try for stereo dropkicks, nope, and both pair off with stereo superkicks landing this time. Pop-up double dropkick by Nick.

Cutter/powerbomb combo by the Briscoes, cover, two. Matt gets stomped on in the corner, Jay continues to hammer him in the corner, running clothesline, running dropkick, cover, two. Matt getting worked over by the champions. Matt slides out to the floor, ends up superkicking Jay, but can’t get by Mark. Jay trips him up, Mark tries for a baseball slide and hits his own partner. Matt with a blockbuster from the apron down to the floor, Matt selling that never-ending back injury. Nick is tagged and nails a step-up spinning flip and lands on his feet! Nick with a flurry of kicks out on the floor and ends it with a bulldog/kick combo. Young Bucks with stereo suicide dives.

Nick sets Jay up on the top rope, but Mark pulls Nick off and locks in a rear naked choke. Big clothesline on Nick as Mark hits a blockbuster on Matt on the floor. Jay with a froggy elbow, cover, two. Nick with a super hurricanrana on Mark. Matt tagged in, multiple clotheslines on Mark, but Jay flies in and takes Matt out. Mark yelling “Young Bucks ain’t s—!” and then eats a superkick from Matt. Briscoes with superkicks, Bucks with superkicks. Jay with a piledriver, cover, Nick breaks it up and then is kicked to the floor. Briscoes looking for the doomsday device. Nick with a springboard cover, Matt tries for a cover, two.

Jay trying to fight off the Bucks, double kicks, Nick with a moonsault off the apron to the floor. Springboard doomsday device by the Bucks, Jay kicks out. Bucks thought they had that. More bang for your buck lands, but Mark drops an elbow down on the referee and the match doesn’t stop. He gets a chair, but eats a double superkick. Meltzer driver, cover, nope. Referee is still woozy. Mark throws a chair at Nick’s face, piledriver on the chair, Matt kicks out at 2.9! Crowd thought that was over. Matt put up on the top rope cutter/powerbomb from the top rope on Nick, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: The Briscoes via Pinfall to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championship

– Post-match, The Briscoes beat up on the Bucks a bit more. SoCal Uncensored run in with with a chair in hand. Initially they look to go after the Bucks, but Daniels then smacks Jay with it and Mark gets dumped out of the ring.

Dalton Castle (c) vs. Cody (with Brandi Rhodes) vs. Marty Scurll (ROH World Championship)

Before the match gets going Cody sends Bernard the Business Bear to the back, crowd boo this. Scurll and Cody arguing a bit as they go after Castle out on the floor. NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis is sitting at ringside to watch this match. He will take on Cody at “All In” and Cody must defend the ROH World Championship (against Aldis’ title) if he wins the title tonight. Castle is all kinds of taped up for this match.

Scurll hits a tornado DDT on Cody down on the floor, obviously these two are not working together in this match. Cody and Scurll in the ring, Cody with a release suplex, just dumping Scurll to the mat. Castle in there now as he tries to work on both challengers. Castle kicks Scurll to the outside, Cody dumps Castle face-first to the mat. Cody heads to the top rope, but gets tossed off by Castle, cover, two. Scurll sneaks in with a crossface chicken wing, but Cody locks in a figure-four on Castle.

Scurll tries for the crossface chicken win on Cody, but gets a DDT for his troubles, cover, two. The Boys are fanning Castle out on the floor. Cody brings the title into the ring, Referee takes it away and looks for a lowblow, but Scurll blocks it and slaps Cody. He sets Cody up for shattered dreams. Brandi up on the apron to get the ref’s attention, Cody with a kick between the legs, cover, two.

Cody demands Scurll to kiss his ring, instead Scurll snaps his fingers and puts the ring on. He looks to pop Castle, bang-a-rang hits, cover. Nick Aldis pulls the ref out of the ring though. One of the boys jumps him and gets launched. Cody leaps off the top rope and clears out Aldis on the floor. Scurll takes the title and smacks Castle with it, cover, Referee gets pulled out by Brandi and throws everyone at ringside out to the back! Multiple roll up attempts, all of them are two counts.

Big strikes by all three wrestlers and all three are down now. Cody out to the floor and grabs some powder, referee sees it and Scurll throws the powder into Cody’s face. He seems to be okay though as he hits cross rhodes on Scurll. Cover by Castle and Scurll kicks out just before three. Castle with bang-a-rang, no, roll-up, no. Scurll with a crossface chicken wing in the middle of the ring. Cody jumps in, Scurll with cross rhodes on Cody. Castle nails bang-a-rang on Scurll and gets the victory.

Winner: Dalton Castle via Pinfall to retain the ROH World Championship